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Media Temple's Enterprise WordPress Hosting for AWS is built on the latest Cloud technology for unmatched speed, performance, and reliability.

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No Single Point of Failure

Elastic architecture with horizontal scaling means there’s no single point of failure, for uptime you can count on.

Built to be Faster

Near instantaneous scaling via Docker containers plus a global CDN means even high-traffic sites load almost instantly.

Security Tailored to Wordpress

Protection against common WordPress exploits and brute force attacks comes built in.

Simple Development Workflows

Manage both staging and production sites with just a few clicks.

No Single Point of Failure

Built on AWS, the world’s most popular Cloud platform, (mt)’s Enterprise WordPress plans deliver performance and peace of mind. All of our Enterprise WordPress plans offer dedicated environments, with your web server resources load-balanced across two or more data centers. Database resources are highly available across data centers as well. All persistent file storage is automatically and transparently synced to Amazon’s highly durable storage service, S3.

Built to be Faster

A global, dense, and lightning-fast Content Delivery Network (CDN) comes standard with all Enterprise WordPress plans. In addition, we’ve built our architecture around Docker containers, which allow for near instantaneous scaling when traffic spikes. The platform can also accommodate PHP7 for those interested in trying out its performance benefits.

Security Tailored to Wordpress

Typical WordPress attacks take advantage of exploitable versions of WordPress core, a theme, or a plugin. Unlike most hosting platforms, the Enterprise WordPress code and plugins are not modifiable in the production deployment. All code changes (and plugin installs) are made in a secured, alternate staging environment, only accessible to you. For brute force attacks outside of code exploits, your site is protected by our CDN.

Simple Development Workflows

Our dev workflows were built to support real-world, iterative development scenarios. Create a staging environment that’s an exact copy of production with just one click. Once you’ve made your changes, it’s another click to deploy to production. And if you’d rather manage your code via version control, Git comes pre-installed.

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