Choosing A DV Service

I'm new to server management. Is DV Developer for me?

Probably not. DV Developer is targeted to power users who are comfortable working in the command line interface using SSH.

Which VPS product is right for me: DV, DV Developer, or Fully Managed VPS?

  • Self-Managed, Management by Command Line: Select DV Developer if you are an experienced server administrator, familiar with Linux, completely comfortable working with the command line interface, and want the freedom that comes with building your system from the ground up.
  • Management by Panel: Select DV if you are looking for an “out of the box” VPS solution. It comes pre-installed with your choice of either the Parallels® Plesk Panel or cPanel® to help administer your environment.
  • Fully Managed: Select Fully Fully Managed VPS Hosting if you are new to server management and require help along the way, or you just don’t want to spend your time managing your server.

How is DV different from DV Developer or Fully Managed VPS?

All three are VPS (virtual private server) services hosted on identical powerful, reliable, high-performance hardware. There are three essential differences: Operating systems, control panels, and CloudTech server administration.

DV is provisioned with CentOS 6 and has your choice of either Parallels® Plesk Panel or cPanel installed. If you are a hosting reseller, you may prefer the DV due to the robust reseller features of Plesk and cPanel.

DV Developer offers a choice of Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, or CentOS operating system on a bare-bones server without a web-based control panel. DV Developer enables you to install and configure the stack above OS according to your requirements. If you need a highly-tailored or unique LAMP/Application stack, or you want Ubuntu, Debian or Fedora, then the DV Developer configuration would be better for you. Note: Linux command-line skills are required to manage Developer Dedicated.

Fully Managed VPS is provisioned with all the same features as DV, and also includes our award-winning CloudTech server admin services. The Fully Managed VPS server is fully managed by our team of CloudTech engineers, who provide 24/7 performance monitoring, daily security scans, performance analysis and consultations, and other server administration tasks.

How is DV Developer different from a Dedicated Server?

Our Dedicated Servers are configured exactly like the DV or DV Developer except that each one hosts only one customer. Each Dedicated Server is a single-tenant box with 128GB of RAM and all resources on the box are allocated to you. If you need a high performance server with total resource allocation, our Dedicated Servers are the solution.

How is Dedicated Server different from DV Levels 1-6?

Our Dedicated Server hosting is configured exactly like the DV or DV Developer except it hosts only one customer. If you need a high-performance server with generous resource allocation and want to have it all to yourself, our Dedicated Server is the solution for you.

How is a DV service different from a physical dedicated server?

DV delivers performance comparable to a dedicated server, plus additional capabilities due to virtualization, making it more cost-effective. The Power Panel included with each DV allows you to stop, start, and reboot your server directly through your web browser. Using the optional Snapshot Backup add-on before performing delicate system administration tasks allows you to instantly revert back to your snapshot if your changes do not work out. The Power Panel also allows you to automatically re-provision your DV server to the state it originally came in at anytime.

How are DV & DV Developer different from shared hosting?

On DV, resources are isolated from everyone else on the server. You also get additional ability to burst beyond your guaranteed resources. This design ensures you never have to worry about other customers impacting the performance of your web applications.

In a shared hosting environment, your websites constantly compete with hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of other customers' websites for the same pool of server resources. Shared hosting environments have some limits on your ability to customize server software and install new applications. With a DV, you have access to the root level, so you can customize existing applications and install new ones at anytime.

Contact our Sales Team, who can help explain the differences in more detail and help you decide which solution is best for your needs.

Is the DV Developer considered a "Cloud Server"?

Some hosting companies might call it one, but we don't like to get caught up with buzzwords. We think of it as a very scalable, high-performance VPS (virtual private server).

I can't decide between DV, DV Developer, and a Dedicated Server. Who can help me?

Our Sales Team can explain the differences and help you decide which solution is best for your needs.

Upgrades & Migrations

How easy is it to upgrade or downgrade my DV Developer plan?

It’s incredibly easy. Feel free to start small and grow big, or the other way around. Regardless of your service level, integrated account controls and instant provisioning give you the power to choose the level of resources you need, and the freedom to change your mind. Once you have a DV account, just visit your Account Center to make any changes.

Note: With the launch of our SSD product, we do not (yet) allow instant upgrades from drive-based DV to SSD-based DV plans. Please contact sales for more options.

Can I upgrade my DV Developer server without a migration?

We like to reserve extra resources on each host machine. In almost all cases, we can accommodate upgrades without a migration. In rare cases when a migration may be necessary, automation will be used to minimize downtime.

Can I migrate from DV to DV Developer?

Yes, you are more than welcome to migrate to a DV Developer server. However, we currently do not offer migration tools. You will be responsible for migrating your content, including email and databases.

How can I add more resources to my DV Developer?

Scale your DV Developer with the touch of a button, without any complicated migrations. Automated, 24/7/365 upgrades are just a few clicks away in your AccountCenter, with most upgrades occurring instantly with no downtime. Need to scale to a monster, single-tenant box? Go big with Developer Dedicated.

AccountCenter offers these options 24/7. You can up-scale DV Developer to the next resource level at any time. Add-on services such as Snapshot Backups, additional IP addresses, or the Plesk license for unlimited domains, are also available.

How long does it take to up-scale to a bigger DV Developer service?

If you have a DV Developer of 8GB or smaller, the up-scale typically happens almost instantaneously. Upscaling from 16GB or 32GB can take a bit longer, as your IP address may change and DNS is involved. Either way, the process is automated and can be initiated via the Account Center, which makes it VERY easy to do. Likewise, downscaling is easy and instant.

Will (mt) Media Temple migrate my service?

Yes, our premium migration service is provided by our in-house team of CloudTech engineers, and it is available as an add-on to your Media Temple account. CloudTech migration specialists can move your sites, domains, and applications to Media Temple for you -- it is fast, easy, and we do all the work. Other premium server admin services such as on-demand server tuning and on-call hosting support may also be available. See our CloudTech page for more information and ordering instructions.

In addition, some articles published in our Community can help you make decisions before starting a migration, and for reference during and after. We also encourage you to consult with helpful and capable members of the community.

Can I keep my IP addresses?

IP addresses are not elastic. If you are moving from outside of Media Temple your IP address will change. If you are moving within Media Temple a change of IP address may be required.

Will my DV service remain in the same data center?

DV and DV Developer are currently provisioned in our northern Virginia and Los Angeles data centers. If you have questions please contact our Sales team.

How long does migration take?

This is difficult to predict, due to the number of factors involved. Each case will be different. Please see our Community for a thorough exploration of this subject.

How much does it cost to migrate?

Most migration methods involve the purchase of new DV service while your older DV service also remains open. During this "overlap" period, both services are billable. In the event that file transfer during the migration exceeds your bandwidth allocation, the standard overage rate of $0.15/GB would apply. As always, after the old service is closed, (mt) Media Temple will pro-rate the daily cost and automatically apply any resulting credit to your account.


What Linux OS options do I have on DV Developer?

With DV Developer, you get your choice of Linux OS — Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS or Fedora — along with full SSH and root access, in an instantly scalable, performance-driven package.

  • Ubuntu

    Ubuntu is an easy-to-use Linux distribution based on Debian. A strong community following, along with frequent releases, make it a popular choice.

    • Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet)
    • Ubuntu 14.04 (LTS Trusty Tahr)
    • Ubuntu 12.04 (LTS Precise Pangolin)
  • Fedora

    Second in popularity only to Ubuntu, Fedora has its roots in Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It is stable, secure, and easy to maintain.

    • Fedora 22
    • Fedora 21
  • Debian

    Debian is an established, mature Linux distribution with a focus on stability. Many other Linux distros, including Ubuntu, have been ported from Debian.

    • Debian 8 (Jessie)
    • Debian 7 (Wheezy)
    • Debian 6 (Squeeze)
  • CentOS

    CentOS is the same distribution used on our DV server line. It aims to be 100% compatible with packages built for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

    • CentOS 7
    • CentOS 6

For information on how to change your OS, please see this Community article.

Do you offer any 32-bit operating systems?

Only 64-bit operating systems are supported on DV Developer.

Do you offer any DV Developer servers with the Microsoft Windows OS?

No, we currently offer Linux Operating Systems only. At this time, you can install Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, and CentOS distributions.

Can I get root access to my DV Developer Server?

Yes. Root access is enabled. For security purposes, we do not send your default password via email. You will need to log into the AccountCenter and use the "reset" feature to create a new root password.

Can I install any third-party applications or hosting software I want?

Absolutely. Although (mt) Media Temple cannot assist in the installation of third-party applications, you are free to install and use whatever software you wish, subject to the (mt) Terms of Service.

Does DV Developer offer a control panel?

The DV Developer offers some basic server controls via the Account Center and even more via the Parallels Power Panel. You are welcome to install a more comprehensive control panel, such as webmin.

What is Parallels Power Panel?

Parallels Power Panel allows you to manage your virtual environments—Containers and virtual machines functionally identical to standalone servers, with their own IP addresses, processes, files, user databases, configuration files, applications, etc.—with the help of any standard Web browser on any platform. You can find more information in the Parallels Power Panel User Guide.

What kind of system monitoring does the DV Developer server offer?

Parallels Power Panel provides basic monitoring capability. You’re also free to install your favorite monitoring solution.

Does DV Developer include a firewall?

Yes, the DV Developer server offers a firewall which you may configure using Parallels Power Panel or via the command-line using tools such as iptables.


What hardware is used on DV Developer?

There are no compromises here. Our DV Developer services are powered by Hewlett-Packard Proliant DL-Series machines featuring multi-core Intel Xeon processors and high-performance Kingstn SSD storage. These servers are just plain fast.

What’s so great about the servers you use?

High-grade data center equipment means less maintenance, better reliability, and more uptime. The DV platform lives in our top-tier data centers and is powered by HP server hardware and top-quality networking equipment. Which translates to better connectivity, fewer hardware failures, and a better hosting experience all around.

One common cause of server slowness is slow disk performance. Unlike most utility VPS platforms, our DV servers use only high-speed Kingstn SSD drives built specifically for data center use. So disk performance won’t cause traffic bottlenecks on your server.

Where are the DV servers located?

All DV Developer and DV servers are currently provisioned in our Virginia and Los Angeles data centers.

Support & Management

What does DV Developer support cover?

Every (mt) Media Temple customer has access to around-the-clock support. You can reach us by chat, Twitter, phone, or support request. Providing you with world-class support for your hosting account is what we work on 24/7/365.

  • We promise:

    • A friendly, helpful support experience every time
    • Quick answers to chats, tweets, support requests, and calls 24/7
    • Extensive self-help resources like our Community
    • Timely, informative updates on maintenance, system incidents, and any occasional service interruption
    • An open ear and serious attention to all your feedback, both good and bad

    Please view the (mt) Media Temple Statement of Support for a complete breakdown of what’s covered.

Where can I get help?

Once you're a customer, you can issue support tickets quickly and easily via your AccountCenter dashboard. Our staff of support engineers are constantly monitoring support requests and respond very quickly. Not a customer yet, or unable to access your AccountCenter dashboard? We accept support requests via email, telephone, and even Twitter. You can also find lots of helpful information in our Community.

Does DV Developer have an uptime guarantee?

Media Temple guarantees hardware, network, and infrastructure uptime of 99.99%. If we ever fall short, you get money back. That’s the Media Temple 20/20 Uptime Guarantee.

How can I monitor my DV Developer server status?

Every DV Developer service includes our exclusive, real-time server status system, providing you with an instant view of your server’s health. Monitor an auto-updating stream of your server’s CPU, memory, disk, load and network usage directly from the AccountCenter.

How many IP addresses come with my DV Developer?

Your DV Developer is provisioned with 1 IP address. However, you can purchase up to 15 additional IP addresses for a DV Developer via your AccountCenter.

Do you charge extra for bandwidth?

Yes. Although we have allocated generous bandwidth allocations to your server, should you go over this limit, you will be charged at a rate of $0.15/GB.

Does bandwidth between DV Developer servers cost anything?

There are no bandwidth costs for any data transferred between DV Developer servers, provided they are in the same datacenter. DV Developer servers are being provisioned in both our Virginia and Los Angeles data centers.

Will there be a discount if I prepay for a full year?

Yes, if you prepay for the year we will provide a 10% discount. Greater discounts apply for 2 and 3 year pre-payment.

What forms of payment does (mt) Media Temple accept?

We accept the following payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, or wire transfer. If you are a US customer, you may also pay by money order or check.

Please let us know if you intend to pay via PayPal, money order, check, or wire transfer so we may email you special instructions. Any payment method requiring special instructions will need to be prepaid for a year.

Does (mt) Media Temple offer utility billing?

Utility billing is not currently an option.

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