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Our flagship hosting platform is now faster, stronger, and easier to use than ever before.

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The Grid Now Comes With

  • All-SSD storage
  • 30-day automatic backups
  • 1-click Managed Apps
  • TrueSpeed™ global CDN
  • Re-imagined file manager
  • Google Apps for Work

Why your sites belong on the grid

You’ve never seen shared hosting like this before. The Grid is built on a unique clustered architecture that delivers faster, more scalable, more reliable hosting service for your sites. We provide all the tools you need to manage your sites easily, be proactive about security, and spend your time creating — not managing your hosting.

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Just log in and launch your sites within minutes. Managing and configuring sites and files is incredibly easy with our clean and simple, fully responsive, custom Grid control panel.

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Hundreds of clustered servers are better than one. Unlike other web hosts, we built the Grid to easily handle “noisy neighbors” and traffic spikes, with burstable resources that host your site across multiple servers to keep you online.

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The Grid now uses fast, durable Solid State Drives for your files, not just your databases. We’ve also built in the TrueSpeed™ CDN from SiteLock, which serves your creative assets from across the globe for even faster load times.

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Managed Software

No need to worry about OS updates, malware scans, or daily backups — the Grid team handles all that for you. Not to mention a new, expanded catalog of 1-click Managed Apps that we’ll keep updated, automatically.

1. choose your grid plan


  • 10 sites
  • 20GB SSD storage
  • 1TB bandwidth

  • 1 Google Apps for Work email account
  • 1 Site global CDN
  • 1 Site malware detection & removal*
  • 2000 GPU compute


  • 50 sites
  • 100GB SSD storage
  • 5TB bandwidth

  • 5 Google Apps for Work email account
  • 5 Sites global CDN
  • 5 Sites malware detection & removal*
  • 5 Sites web application firewall
  • 4000 GPU compute

Agency +

  • 50 sites
  • 100GB SSD storage
  • 5TB bandwidth

  • 5 Google Apps for Work email account
  • 5 Sites global CDN
  • 5 Sites malware detection & removal*
  • 5 Sites web application firewall
  • 4000 GPU compute
  • Managed Care Services by CloudTech

2. Want to add more sites, storage, and bandwidth?

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3. Choose your payment plan

Price reflects your choice of plan, plus any added booster packs.


Built on high-performance server hardware and networking technology, the Grid takes web hosting to the next level of power and reliability.

Standard features:

  • Quick setup wizard
  • Custom control panel
  • 24/7 expert support
  • Global CDN

Managed services:

  • 1-Click app installs with automated updates
  • 30 day file backup & restore
  • Secure malware alert and removal tool
  • DDoS & intrusion protection

Installed Software:

  • PHP 7 with FastCGI
  • Perl v5.10.1
  • Python v3.1.3
  • Apache 2.2.22
  • MySQL 5.6

Dev Tools:

  • Git
  • SVN 1.6.12
  • WP-CLI 0.20.4
  • sFTP and SSH access
* Automatically removes malware identified by SiteLock’s SMART tool. Additional fees may apply if malware requires manual removal.
** Includes one year .com, .net, .org, .info or .biz domain registration. After first year, domain and SSL certificate will be billed at then-current renewal rate.
† Special introductory pricing valid for the initial purchase term only.

Agency + plan includes three CloudTech On Demand service credits per month. Visit the CloudTech page to learn more about what your CloudTech credits can be redeemed for.

Meet the Grid

Now with more options than ever, the Grid still features the same powerful clustered architecture for better performance and reliability.

Grid control panel


Our best-in-class, custom-built Grid Account Center panel makes all your site admin tasks easier than ever, on any size screen. With a completely responsive design, streamlined contact management, and a re-imagined, modern File Manager, you’ll actually look forward to logging in to your hosting account.


24/7, no-excuses support

We pride ourselves on being the world’s most accessible web hosting company. Your Grid hosting service comes with award-winning 24/7/365 support by chat, Twitter, and phone.

SSD storage clusters

Redundant, highly available, mirrored storage herds protect you against hardware failure. And we’ll even store 30 days of 1-click backups for you automatically, so you can feel free to make mistakes.

Plenty of bandwidth

The Grid’s bandwidth scales with your traffic. So you can grow without worrying about getting shut down -- even if your site hits the front page of Reddit™ or gets retweeted by SiteInspire.

One-click app installs

Quickly and easily deploy the web’s most popular applications -- like WordPress, Drupal, Koken, ZenCart, and more -- just by pointing and clicking in our Managed Apps catalog.

Dedicated MySQL resources

The Grid platform is built on our own auto-scaling, SSD-based MySQL SmartPool system, which guarantees plenty of database resources to every Grid service.


Grid now includes business-class email and collaboration tools provided by Google Apps for Work. Enjoy an ad-free, professional version of Gmail, plus 30GB of Google Drive cloud storage and powerful tools to share documents, video conferences, and more. Learn more about Google Apps for Work

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