Managed AWS

Managed Services for AWS

Simplify your cloud transformation with support from Media Temple’s team of AWS-certified experts, delivering personalized guidance, architecture, and optimization.


How the Cloud Handles Your Traffic


With traditional hosting, every visitor receives your site from a single server. As requests increase, so does the stress on that server to deliver everything quickly. By leveraging AWS, you tap into a seemingly limitless pool of services and resources.

Keeping Cost Under Control

You’re not alone in finding that the potential benefits of the cloud can be tricky to fully realize. Media Temple finds your ideal solution, achieving upper-echelon performance while keeping costs controlled.

Tuning through Staging

Media Temple’s experts ensure your cloud avoids the common and costly pitfalls of building a new fault-tolerant environment. We’ve done this countless times, and we ensure it’s working before anything goes live.

Ready for the Unexpected

If a product or article goes viral and your traffic surges, AWS Auto Scaling groups will be in place to deliver a smooth experience to every user. And it’s all configured to prevent your costs from exploding as a result.

Optimizing to Your Calendar

The best plan is one that’s actually planned. So, instead of leaving it all up to chance, we’ll work with you to optimize ahead of major sales, product announcements, or whatever else you expect to boost traffic.

Certified Expertise

It’s easy to claim expertise, but it’s another thing to earn it. As an Advanced member of the AWS Partner Network, we’ve proven both depth and breadth in our certification and support for AWS. It’s a high standard to uphold, and it’s yours to tap into for any project.

A Living Resource for Your Projects

  • Solutions Based on Your Needs

    Since we build a firm understanding of the nuances of your site, the advice we provide is more direct and personalized than with a cookie-cutter solution. If your front-end team needs to fix an issue, they’ll have a clearer picture of how to adjust.

  • A Team of Sought-After Experts

    Recruiting and retaining AWS-certified engineering talent is no simple feat for the typical organization. It’s second-nature for us. With Media Temple handling the cloud for you, your supply of experts never dwindles – or breaks the budget.

  • Enterprise-Level Service for All

    Since your individual account is part of our much bigger cloud hosting operation, you benefit from the enterprise-level SLAs provided to us by AWS. That translates into exceptionally fast response times across the process if any issues arise.

In It for the Long Haul

Our support for your project continues across its entire lifetime, with our team continually optimizing your AWS cloud as opportunities arise.

Advancing Alongside AWS

We sort through the waves of AWS service launches and updates to understand which are most useful to projects like yours. By building experience and expertise there, we ensure your application can utilize the greatest new technologies without spinning wheels just trying to keep up.

Staying in the Loop with You

Your AWS project is assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager, providing updates and hosting regular reviews to discuss any adjustments that need to be made. If goals shift for any reason, your CSM will work with our team to ensure those objectives are being met.

Case Study

Solving for Scalability

Solving for Scalability

After a rocky Black Friday for a major client, web design agency Rhino Group came to Media Temple with the need for a resilient, scalable hosting solution. The next holiday season, the same client saw a 65% growth in Black Friday sales without any overage fees.

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