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Our Content Delivery Network makes your static content fly. Global distribution delivers your sites faster, all while lowering server load and increasing performance.

Starting at $20 /month.
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Global footprint.

Our global, Edgecast-powered network serves your content from 19 locations on 4 continents to bring your content to users faster than ever before.

Faster sites, happier users.

Fast sites means better user experience. Drastically decrease page load times and increase conversion from our global network to build loyal and engaged users.

Lighten the load.

Removing static content load from your origin server frees up valuable server and network resources, helping your applications perform and respond at lightning speed.

Improve your search rankings.

Did you know search engines now reward fast-loading sites with better rankings? Increase traffic, rank and visibility with little effort.

ProCDN is available for all (mt) hosting customers. Not a customer yet? See Our Hosting Plans


Go global, without big costs

In the past, global content distribution was expensive and complicated. ProCDN makes it simple and cost effective to serve your content from an advanced network. 19 content caching points of presence (POPs) in top tier data centers are strategically located near primary Internet Exchange Points and directly connected to over 950 user networks. Your content is at the center of the global traffic exchange, putting your end users just milliseconds away from your content.

Faster than other CDNs

When benchmarked against competitive CDNs, our Edgecast-powered network was up to 25% faster in delivering content. Speed means success when it comes to content delivery. The faster your web pages, videos, games or music files download, the happier your customers are. Speed is the single most important factor when choosing a content delivery service because it can have a direct effect on your ability to build loyalty and derive revenue from your website.

Small and large object optimized

Whether serving small objects like images, CSS and JS files, or large objects like streaming video and audio, the intelligent ProCDN system is optimized to serve small files from RAM and large files from disk. This gives you optimal performance regardless of file size.

Guaranteed availability

Patent-pending routing mechanisms and global load-balancing technology serves content requests from the location closest to the end user. In the rare event of a single PoP unavailability, your content continues to be served from the closest available point. This technology provides industry leading reliability and availability of your content.


Content Delivery Network Support Promise

ProCDN is designed for users who have previous experience with DNS, HTTP web servers, and caching concepts - or for those who are interested in learning. Our goal is to give customers access to the most powerful CDN tools possible and therefore expect that the customer will be responsible for the majority of knowledge required to operate all of the knobs and levers within the product. Click on the list items in the breakdown below for further information.

We Manage
  • Availability of the CDN
  • Availability of DNS Servers
  • Availability of the Control Panel
You Manage
  • Individual DNS settings
  • Application and code to point at CDN
  • Individual Control Panel Settings

For more information on what's supported, visit our Statement of Support page.


Easy to activate.

If you’re a current (mt) customer, you can easily add ProCDN to your hosting plan. See this KnowledgeBase article for more information. Not an (mt) hosting customer? See Our Hosting Plans »

Good for low-traffic sites, too.

ProCDN is great for any site that has global visitors. Even if you don’t have a high traffic site, ProCDN can help to speed up load times for users from around the globe.

Simple, competitive pricing.

You don’t have to worry about pre-paying for bandwidth. Our ProCDN service is $20/month for up to 200GB. If you exceed 200 GB during the month, it’s $.15 per GB monthly for up to 10 TB, and beyond 10 TB, it’s $.10 per GB monthly. There are no additional fees for storage.

Choose your own URL.

With ProCDN, you have access to both Small Object and Large Object URLs, so how your files get served is up to you. Small and Large Object URLs are optimized for certain types of content. In particular, by using the Small Object URL for content under 300k (e.g. css, javascript, small images, etc.) site owners can realize a 15% reduction in load times. If every little bit counts for your site, this can be a huge boost. If you prefer to keep things simple, the Large Object CDN provides a huge performance gain by itself for all objects, large and small.

Global POP Locations:

  • Los Angeles (2)
  • San Jose
  • Seattle
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Atlanta
  • Ashburn
  • New York
  • London (2)
  • Frankfurt
  • Amsterdam
  • Tokyo
  • Hong Kong
  • Paris
  • Singapore
  • Sydney