Google Workspace

Create, communicate, and collaborate with cloud-based email and a whole lot more.

Starting at $6/mo per user


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Every plan includes a full suite of productivity tools. For more info on all the features, keep reading.

Business Starter

Google Workspace

Business Standard

Google Workspace

Business Plus

Google Workspace

Storage (per user)




Meet capacity




Enhanced Meet features

Enhanced collaboration

Enhanced security

Why Use Google Workspace for Email?

Smooth Out Collaboration

Gmail’s widespread popularity means that your clients and partners likely already know the tools. And Google’s streamlined interface keeps things simple even for newbies.

Speed Up Site Performance

By separating email from your site server, you reduce the drag on hosting resources. That results in faster load times for site visitors and more reliable email delivery for you.

What You Get


Email via web or app


File storage


Document creation


Spreadsheet creation


Presentation creation

And More

A full suite of tools

Work Anywhere

  • Live collaboration

    Collaborate on documents, data, and decks from anywhere in real time. Everyone sees every update as it's made, and who’s making it.


    Drive lets each user store up to 5 terabytes of files (based on your plan), with access from anywhere and options for securely sharing.


    Survey clients and employees with Forms. Build digital resources with Sites. Both integrate with Docs, Sheets, and the rest of Workspace.

The New Face-to-Face

Meet integrates high-quality video and voice conferencing into your workflow without the need for a unique app. Demonstrate your agency’s thought leadership via webinar, host a remote all-hands meeting, or just navigate the day-to-day meeting gauntlet.

Enhanced Features with Upgraded Plans

As you upgrade your plan, you boost what you can do with your communication suite.

Business Starter

Meet comes ready to go – with meeting lengths up to 24 hours, dial-in numbers, and digital whiteboarding. On the security front, you’ve got modern essentials like 2-step verification and policy controls.

Business Standard

At this level, meeting recordings can be saved to Google Drive, and your meetings can include polling and Q&A. You can also create shared team drives and build custom branded
document templates.

Business Plus

You get everything from the previous plans, plus enhanced security. For larger agencies and brands, these capabilities will be critical: advanced endpoint management, Vault’s data retention and archiving, and secure LDAP.

Help from Media Temple

Need to chat with a living human about some issue with Google Workspace? When it’s part of your Media Temple plan, you can reach out to us anytime via phone, chat, or support ticket.

Get More from Your Email

Google Workspace takes the complication out of collaboration. Boost your business email today.