Looking for new web hosting?

We are no longer accepting new customers as we prepare to move current Media Temple customers to GoDaddy. Please visit GoDaddy to purchase new hosting products.
To learn more about this change, please visit our Customer Migration FAQ page.

Advanced Support

Get more out of your server with hands-on setup and optimization services from our most experienced experts.

Worry-Free Server Maintenance

Server configuration gets complicated quickly. With Advanced Support services, you don’t have to worry about how to set up, optimize, or update server settings: We do it for you.

  • Setup

  • Optimization

    • Site Migration

      Move your site from host to host. We migrate your site, ensuring everything works properly.

    • Web Application Setup

      Have us install apps like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla and configure them for your hosting.

    • WordPress Theme & Plugin Setup

      Update your site’s look. We’ll handle the configuration process and run a front-end review.

    • DNS Configuration

      Have us precisely configure any complex DNS changes you’re in need of.

    • Advanced Performance Analysis

      Get a thorough review of your code, with performance and security recommendations.

    • Apache/NGINX Tuning

      Speed up content load times with precision tuning of the “Swiss army knives” of web servers.

    • MySQL Optimization

      Make your site more efficient under traffic with tailored adjustment of your MySQL database.

    • Intrusion Prevention

      Utilize the powerful, Python-based intrusion framework Fail2Ban, installed and configured by us.

    Get Started with Advanced Support

    Request a service for your hosting plan, and we’ll do the rest.