There’s more to a great hosting experience than servers. And Media Temple has it all.

Simple Ways to Improve Your Site

Have our experts handle complicated, technical tasks.

Receive signature support for tools beyond your hosting.

Deliver an even faster, more secure experience on your site.

Integrate tools that make your business more efficient.

Our Services

Add any of these services to your Media Temple hosting solution.


Find the domain name that tells customers who you are, and manage it directly within your Media Temple Account Center.


Let us take the effort out of moving your site. Our engineers ensure your site gets to its new home fully operational.

Advanced Support

Focus on what you love. Our most-experienced technical experts can handle the behind-the-scenes parts keeping your site running – optimizing performance, configuring security, and more.


Security from Media Temple

All-seeing eyes

Monitoring is always the first step to securing your site. With our security tools in place, you get a full picture of any threats to your site.

Necessary precautions

Installing an SSL certificate and firewall goes a long way to sealing your site from suspicious traffic, and are absolute necessities when handling customer data.

Cleanup crew

(mt) Security is powered by the renowned security experts at Sucuri, who remove malicious code from your site with a combination of automated and manual techniques.

Security Pack

Protect your site with an all-inclusive package of security tools, including malware detection, removal, firewall, and SSL certificates.


Boost your site performance with a global content delivery network while securing your site with a customizable web application firewall.

SSL Certificates

Give your customers confidence with an SSL’s certified transaction encryption and domain validation.

Need something special?

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