7 Industry Analysts Covering the Web Hosting Market

The web hosting market is flooded with niche companies in a rapidly changing industry. How are you supposed to stay up to date? Start with these information and research companies to stay in the know on all things web hosting.

451 Research is an information technology research and advisory company. More than 100 analysts worldwide provide insight into emerging technology segments including cloud transformation, data platforms and analytics, data center technologies, DevOps and IT, enterprise mobility, European services, information security, Internet of Things, mobile telecom, multi-tenant data centers, networking, service providers, storage, and systems and software infrastructure.

Forrester is an influential research and advisory firm that works with business and technology leaders to drive customer growth strategies. Their annual surveys reach more than 500,000 consumers and business leaders worldwide. Coverage areas include branding, business intelligence, cloud computing, customer relationship management, data and information protection, data center networking, data management, ecommerce, enterprise mobility, IT services, storage, systems management, etc.

Frost & Sullivan is a global research and consulting organization that identifies growth opportunities by industry convergence, technologies and market trends. Their three areas of focus include vision and strategy, brand and demand, and technology and intellectual property.

Gartner is a leading information technology research and advisory company. They hold webinars, events and consulting as well as publish research and key metrics data into the performance of IT functions. Their analysts cover a range of topics including business intelligence, data management and integration, servers and storage, security and privacy, software markets, web services, and more.

IDC provides analyses for technology suppliers who are challenged to digitally transform their organization in a competitive marketplace. About half of their customers have digital transformation at the center of their business strategy. This includes the Internet of Things, 3D printing, augmented virtual reality, robotics, cognitive systems, and next generation security. IDC provides analysis on the cloud, big data/analytics, social business, and mobility.

McKinsey & Company is a global consulting firm focused on making lasting improvements to businesses and their goals. They cover 22 industries including telecommunications, business technology, enterprise, and more. McKinsey Analytics builds and maintains advanced data models. McKinsey Recover and Transformation Services helps failing businesses get back on course. And, their Digital Labs develop custom software and apps for different technology platforms.

Structure Research specializes in hosting, cloud and data centers as an independent research and consulting firm. They track and project the future of hosting and cloud infrastructure service providers with reports, articles and more.