Grid Case Study: Sketch To WordPress

Sketch to WordPress is a company built by web and app designers, for web and app designers who want to take their skills to the world of WordPress. Any mockup created in the popular UI/UX app Sketch can be converted into a responsive, w3c approved, and SEO optimized WordPress template in only a few days as opposed to a few moments.

When Leian Ivey started the company in 2014, he had already been a Media Temple customer for seven years. He knew that Media Temple could handle the frequent spikes in traffic that a company experiences on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis. For a fledgling startup, however, any issue with the site and its content, at the wrong moment, could prove fatal.

Sketch to WordPress chose the Grid, Media Temple’s flagship shared hostingĀ platform, as their flexible hosting solution and opted for the ProCDN service, the company’s Edgecast-powered content delivery network that optimizes the delivery of audio, images, and video to their site. The team also chose to get the performance and security service CloudFlare to prepare for their site’s anticipated growth.

With press promoting the new company left and right, Sketch to WordPress was ready for an influx of new visitors, including dramatic traffic spikes. The combination of content delivery networks gave them additional peace of mind for any situation.

Download the Sketch to WordPress case study here.