Agency Partner Program

Exclusive benefits to better support your clients.

Partner Tiers

Once identified as an Agency Partner, your tier is based on the number of Media Temple hosting subscriptions tied to your account. Shared Hosting, Grid, Managed WordPress, DV, Managed Services for AWS, and Account Management all count toward this total.1


9 or fewer subscriptions


10 to 19 subscriptions


Any AWS solution or 20+ other subscriptions

Core Benefits

Every Agency Partner receives these benefits regardless of tier.


Spend less on hosting and improve your bottom line. Save 20% on all hosting subscriptions where you handle the billing.2

Referral Credit

Refer a client to Media Temple hosting, and you’ll earn a 20% credit based on their hosting purchase.3

Single Sign On

Access all the hosting accounts tied to your agency from a single sign on, whether you handle the bill or your client does.

Partner Badges

Use partner badges on your site or decks to show clients you have an inside connection with elite hosting provider Media Temple.

Gold & Platinum Benefits

As your network of services expands, so do your benefits.

  • Gold

  • Platinum

    • Priority Support

      Get priority queue status when reaching out for support – on the phone and through your Account Center.

    • Event Access

      Find new clients, collaborators, and ideas at Media Temple-sponsored events. Throughout the year we’ll send out invites, and you’ll receive four passes to at least one event each year.4

    • Portfolio Hosting

      Give your creative teams a place to put a spotlight on their work or experiment with new concepts. Every Gold partner receives up to four Shared Hosting services pro gratis.

    • Customer Success Manager

      Your CSM helps tailor your hosting platforms to your specific needs – they can optimize solutions to improve your performance, uptime, security, and cost.5

    • Blog Guest Posts

      Promote your thought leadership on the highly-regarded Media Temple Blog. Platinum partners gain eligibility to write guest posts, promoted through Media Temple channels.6

    • More Events, More Hosting

      Your Gold-level bonuses get upgraded, with 8 passes to at least two events4 and up to 10 Shared Hosting services per Platinum partnership.

    What You Get


    Referral credits

    Single sign on

    Partner badges

    Priority support

    Event access

    1/yr. (4 total passes)

    2/yr. (8 total passes)

    Free portfolio hosting

    Up to 4

    Up to 10

    Customer success manager
    Guest blog eligibility

    Ready for the VIP Treatment?

    To be considered for the Agency Partner Program, provide some details about your agency below. We’ll review your account and application and get back to you with details.

    1 All plan levels for the listed eligible products are counted; services and solutions not listed are not.

    2 Discounts don’t apply to Managed Services for AWS or Advanced Support and Account Management from CloudTech.

    3 Managed Services for AWS is not eligible for discounts or referral credits.

    4 Excludes airfare and hotel. Platinum also may have four invites for their clients for a total of 8 invites per event.

    5 While our standard support is available 24/7, CSMs can be reached during regular business hours. The CSM only works with the partner agency and not each individual end-client.

    6 Conditional confirmation based on timing and subject matter. All blog features will require Media Temple review and approval and is subject to editing where applicable. All proposed changes will be communicated to the partner prior to publication. Timing on publication is at the sole discretion of Media Temple.