Is the Grid a shared hosting system?

The Grid is a form of shared hosting, but the Grid was engineered to be better from the start. It was designed and built with a few key features that make it faster and more reliable than shared hosting platforms:

  • Clustered architecture.

    The Grid is built around shared clusters of high quality server hardware, networked together to make the most efficient use of resources.

  • LAMP compatibility.

    The Grid features wide support for the most popular Linux server-side application technologies, including Apache, PHP, Perl, Python, & MySQL.

  • Performance-boosting extras.

    The new and improved Grid hosting platform includes plenty of server enhancements to help reduce page load times:

    • Solid State Drives (SSD) are both substantially faster and more reliable than traditional hard drives because they contain no mechanical parts.
    • A Content Delivery Network (CDN) distributes your content across multiple data centers. Grid Pro and Elite plans include Sucuri's global CDN to distribute your content, speeding up your site while reducing your bandwidth. This means your website gets a huge performance boost, you get a faster, lighter site – and your visitors get a great experience.
    • FastCGI lowers the overhead associated with interfacing the web server and CGI programs, allowing a server to handle more web page requests at once.

    Bottom line: Your sites on Grid load faster than typical shared hosting.

Which LAMP software is installed?

Grid currently features the following versions of its core software:

  • PHP 7.2.12
  • Perl v5.20.2
  • Python v3.4.2
  • Apache 2.2.34
  • MySQL 5.6.25
  • Git 2.1.4
  • SVN 1.8.10

What is the Grid Control Panel?

The Grid control panel is (mt)'s custom all-in-one hosting control panel found within the (mt) account management center.

Can I use SSH to access my Grid service?

Yes. SSH access to your Grid service can be enabled directly from the control panel inside the AccountCenter. Read this Community article for more information.

Does my Grid come with a version control system?

Yes. Two popular version control systems are installed on Grid: Git and Subversion (SVN).

To learn more about using SVN on Grid, read this Community article.

To learn more about using Git on Grid, read this Community article.

Can I resell resources on my Grid service?

Yes. Although Grid was not designed for reselling hosting services, many designers and developers resell their Grid space. If you maintain websites for clients and only need to provide them with FTP, and SSH access, you shouldn’t have any problem reselling Grid hosting. You can easily create additional users that have access to FTP (including sub-folder FTP restrictions) and SSH resources.

However, Grid is not designed to be a mass reseller hosting platform. It doesn't offer separate control panel access for your clients, separate website statistics for each site hosted on your Grid service, or any billing or customer support services for your clients.

If you are interested in a more robust reseller solution, please look into our DV Managed plan. It allows you to set resource limits for your clients and provide them with separate control panel access, along with many more reseller-friendly features.

Does Grid go down for maintenance?

Grid is designed for continuous operation 24/7/365. The distributed nature of Grid nodes allows this system to be maintained without ever being taken offline. Should a maintenance issue arise that would require a disruption of service, all efforts will be made to open a maintenance window during off-peak hours and provide all affected customers with ample advance notice.