How is a Dedicated Server different from DV levels 1-6?

Our Dedicated Servers are configured exactly like the DV Managed or DV Developer, except each one hosts only one customer. Each Dedicated Server is a single-tenant box with 128GB of RAM, and all resources on the box are allocated to you. If you need a high performance server with total resource allocation, Dedicated is the solution.

Dedicated has two types: DV Managed and DV Developer. Which is best for me?

Both are single-tenant services hosted on identical powerful, reliable, high-performance hardware.

  • The Managed version is provisioned with CentOS and has your choice of either Plesk or cPanel installed. If you are a hosting reseller, you may prefer Managed due to the robust reseller features of Plesk and cPanel.
  • The Developer version offers a choice of Ubuntu, Debian, or CentOS operating system on a bare-bones server without a web-based control panel. DV Developer enables you to install and configure the stack above OS according to your requirements. If you need a highly-tailored or unique LAMP/Application stack, or you want Ubuntu or Debian, then the Developer configuration would be better for you. Note: Linux command-line skills are required to manage Developer Dedicated.

Is there a money back guarantee with the Dedicated plan?

Media Temple will provide customers with a 7-day money back guarantee on a Dedicated Server.

I can’t decide between DV server options. Who can help me?

Our Sales Team can explain the differences and help you decide which solution is best for your needs.

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