Getting started with your WordPress Hosting service

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  • Applies to: WordPress Hosting
    • Difficulty: Medium
    • Time Needed: 30
    • Tools Required: Account Center access


The following article will get you familiar with your new WordPress Hosting hosting account, including the Account Center, our world-renowned support department, and the rest of the (mt) tools that come with your new service.

Account Center

The Account Center is the main secure interface to manage your domain and WordPress Hosting. For more information, please see: Account Center information.

Adding a site to your WordPress Hosting service

Before you add a site to your WordPress Hosting service, you will need to make sure you add the domain you intend to host the site for. This article contains information on adding the domain in the Account Center. If you already have added the domain, you can now add the site within the WordPress Hosting control panel. This article details how to add a site.


Media Temple WordPress Hosting comes with a special plugin designed to optimize the managed WordPress experience. This plugin will show in your list of plugins as mt-system-plugin.

Do NOT delete this plugin; it is essential for certain key functions of our managed WordPress experience. If you have accidentally deleted this plugin from your WordPress installation, please contact Customer Support for assistance.

Managing your sites

Once your site is added, you may use your Wordpress Hosting panel to manage your sites and their WordPress dashboards.

You also have access to create templates and staging sites to test and create content before making it publicly visible on the web. Just select the domain you wish to work with to get started. Check out this article for more information on creating a staging site.

Configuring your applications

You can find clear and concise information to configure your third-party applications for your hosting service in your WordPress Hosting Panel within your Account Center. Everything from mail settings and SFTP login information to sample connection strings is available and is dynamically generated, allowing you to simply copy and paste the information directly into your own apps, scripts, and configuration files.

Connecting through SFTP

WordPress Hosting comes with Secure FTP enabled. This article will guide you through using SFTP to connect to your service, so that you may manage your website's files and directories. 

Email options

Google Apps for Work

Our WordPress Hosting plans can come with Google Apps for work user licenses. If you have email attached to your plan, you can check out this article to get started with your Google Apps for Work email.  We also have tutorials on how to add it to your favorite email client. We also have an auto mail config tool that will set up your email account on your email client or mobile device.

Mail by (mt)

Mail by (mt) is our email option for our older WordPress Hosting customers. It's built on (mt) Media Temple's infrastructure to deliver business-class email. If you have an older WordPress Hosting service with this option you can click here to learn more.

Site analytics

If you use Google Analytics, our WordPress hosting service also includes an easy way to setup analytics for your site. Simply enter your tracking ID provided by Google into the field provided on your site page and click authorize with Google to connect your site to Google Analytics.

To learn more about Google Analytics, click here.

Malware detection and removal

If you have a WordPress Hosting Studio plan or above, your service also comes with a Security Panel with malware detection and removal system provided by SiteLock. Any malware identified by SiteLock's SMART Tool will automatically be removed. And in case you run into a more difficult malware issue that requires manual removal, we have optional additional services available through our CloudTech team.


24/7/365 Phone and Chat Support

We are a true 24/7/365 company. What this means to you is that you have total, around-the-clock access to our renowned Customer Support Department. It's all part of our support promise.

Phone Support

(310) 841-5500. Call us anytime and you'll be connected to our support center which is based entirely out of Los Angeles, California. You'll be happy to speak with what we consider the best support personnel in the industry. Outside of the USA? We have international numbers.

Secure Online Support

From your Account Center, you can submit a support request for your specific question or open a live chat with one of our support agents..

(mt) Account Center

The Account Center is (mt)'s all-in-one hosting control panel and account management center. The Account Center is custom-tailored to fit the needs of the modern webmaster. The single source for all your support requests, billing inquiries and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I host non-WordPress sites on this service?  

No. The WordPress Hosting service is intended for WordPress sites only.

Does WordPress Hosting Hosting come with an SSL certificate?

Each service can utilize an SSL certificate. If you have a WordPress Hosting Studio account, you will have one SSL to use. An Agency WordPress Hosting account comes with two SSL certificates. If your service does not come with an SSL certificate or you would like to add an additional certificate, you may purchase an SSL through (mt) Media Temple, or install any SSL certificate you already have through the Account Center.     

What type of performance tuning do you use?

We implement four layers of caching throughout the stack as well as high performance SSD-backed storage. We rely on Varnish, Memcached, PHP APC, and storage L2 caching to maximize performance by minimizing calls to the disks.  

Do I have access to my database?

You have direct access to your database through phpMyAdmin.  

Is the WordPress core updated? 

We automatically keep your WordPress core up to date with the latest version. We look to push updates to WordPress core updates within 48 hours of release. This allows us time to test and ensure the stability of the release for all of our customers.  

Do you update my plugins and themes?

No. We will not update your themes and plugins. It will be up to you to keep these up-to-date.

What about security?

We provide malware scanning*, brute force mitigation, firewall protection, and DDoS mitigation.

Do you provide backups?

Yes! WordPress Hosting comes with built-in automated backups! Click here for restoration instructions.

Can I move a WordPress site to (mt) Media Temple?

Yes. Please see this article for suggestions on moving your WordPress site to (mt) Media Temple. 

Can I use a mail script to send mail from a third party using WordPress Hosting?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to send mail from your WordPress Hosting service using a third-party mail system, as all connections from ports 25, 465, and 587 are blocked for security reasons.

What about disk space, bandwidth?

Your WordPress Hosting service's limits will vary depending on the package you have. You can see the variations in disk space and bandwidth allowance here.

*Automatic malware scanning at the site level is provided by SiteLock and available for WordPress Hosting Studio plans and above.