Additional SSH users

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  • Applies to: VPS Hosting
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Time Needed: 10
    • Tools Required: Account Center access, Plesk, or cPanel access
  • Applies to: Legacy DV & VPS Hosting
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Time Needed: 10
    • Tools Required: Plesk or cPanel access


In addition to the primary FTP/SSH user, VPS hosting allows for domain-level users to have SSH access. These additional users are managed through Plesk or cPanel.


Obsidian 18.0.35 in Power User view

  1. Log into Plesk.
  2. While in Websites & Domains, take note of the System user. Then select FTP Access.
  3. Select the System user.
  4. Ensure that "Access to the server over SSH" has /bin/bash selected.
    • You can also update the System user password on this page, if needed.
  5. Select OK.

You can now SSH into your server using the System user.


  1. Log into WHM.
  2. In the left-menu, navigate to Account Information >> List Accounts.
  3. Locate your desired domain and take note of the Username. This username acts as your cPanel login, but can also be used for SSH/FTP.
    • If you've forgotten the password, you can update this by navigating to Account Functions >> Password Modification.
    • Or you can log into the cPanel account and navigate to Preferences >> Password & Security.

You can SSH into your server using the Username located in WHM.

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