Which plugins and activities are not allowed with my Managed WordPress service?

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  • Applies to: Managed WordPress
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Time Needed: n/a
    • Tools Required: n/a
  • Applies to: Legacy Managed WordPress
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Time Needed: n/a
    • Tools Required: n/a


Media Temple's Managed WordPress package is NOT just WordPress - it's a heavily modified wrapper designed for optimal WordPress hosting and complete security. As such, some WordPress features and plugins may not be available, just as there are other features specific to Managed WordPress that are not available on a normal WordPress installation. To help achieve that, we blacklist and remove a number of plugins known to cause security or performance issues. We also block connections to specific mail ports, as well as limit the execution of PHP in certain directories.

What about WordPress Network/Multisite features?
WordPress Network/Multisite features are not supported by Media Temple's dedicated Managed WordPress products.

This list uses the name of the folder the plugin creates when you install it. You can view this directory by connecting to your Managed WordPress account via sFTP (more info).

This is not an exhaustive list of disallowed plugins. Any plugin that fits into these categories or is otherwise known to cause problems may be added to the list or disabled at any time.

Duplicate Functionality - Backups

These plugins duplicate our existing backup and restore functionality. We have seen these plugins cause problems for customers because they use too many resources creating archive files (tar/gzip/zip) and we have seen some poorly configured plugins create recursive backups and sites exceed their allotted storage amount.

  • wponlinebackup
  • 6scan-backup
  • the-codetree-backup
  • ezpz-one-click-backup
  • Updraft
  • backwpup
  • backupwordpress

Recommended Alternatives

We backup your files and database daily for 30 days. You can use our control panel to restore your site to a previous version easily.

To backup your site on demand, you can use SFTP access and a database backup plugin like WP-DB-Backup or WP-DBManager.

Duplicate Functionality - Caching

These plugins duplicate our existing caching functionality. We handle caching before your visitors ever hit WordPress, so these plugins will not work properly.

  • w3-total-cache
  • wp-cache
  • wp-file-cache
  • wp-super-cache
  • wp-fast-cache
  • wp-fastest-cache
  • wp-cachecom
  • quick-cache

Recommended Alternatives

None! We cache your site for you. If you need help making your site even faster, try these suggestions:

Unnecessary / Nonfunctional

These plugins don't add any value and may not work correctly on our system. Some of these are competitors' integration plugins, and some are superfluous but known to slow down site performance.

  • wpengine-common
  • wp-engine-snapshot
  • sgcachepress
  • wordpress-beta-tester
  • synthesis

We do not remove the Hello Dolly plugin, but we do not install it by default.

Stats Plugins

These plugins hit the database frequently for stats purposes. They are useful, but they negatively impact your sites' performance. In some cases, they prevent us from properly caching your site.

  • jr-referrer
  • referrer-wp
  • statpress
  • wp-postviews
  • wp-slimstat
  • google-analytics-for-wordpress
  • leads
  • ptengine-real-time-web-analytics-and-heatmap
  • wp-business-intelligence-lite
  • wp-power-stats

Recommended Alternatives

You can use any service that records and stores your stats off site. These include Chartbeat (paid), Google Analytics (free), Jetpack (free), MixPanel (free), and Segment.io (free).

Duplicate Functionality - Misc

These plugins duplicate functionality in various parts of our system.

  • 6scan-protection
    • Solution: We take care of security and patching core files.
  • adminer
  • portable-phpmyadmin
  • wordpress-gzip-compression
    • Solution: Output compression is handled automatically.
  • wp-phpmyadmin

Related Posts

These plugins increase database load by using inefficient queries, poor caching, or poor scaling on large sites.

  • contextual-related-posts
  • fuzzy-seo-booster
  • seo-alrp
  • similar-posts
  • yet-another-featured-posts-plugin
  • yet-another-related-posts-plugin
  • wordpress-popular-posts (versions 3.1.1 and below)

Recommended Alternatives

You can use any service that handles the relationship logic off-site like nrelate, outbrain, or Jetpack.


These plugins have associated security issues.

General Performance

These plugins don't perform well, in general, especially on large sites.

  • broken-link-checker: This can cause large amounts of traffic and resource usage. Please try using client software on your computer or an external service.
  • google-sitemap-generator: This can cause performance issues on large sites. Please try Google Sitemap plugin or WordPress SEO instead.
  • adsense-click-fraud-monitoring: This can cause performance issues. There are no recommended alternatives at this time.
  • google-xml-sitemaps-with-multisite-support: This can cause performance issues on large sites. Please try Google Sitemap plugin or WordPress SEO instead.

Third-party Mail Connections

While no third-party mail plugins are explicitly banned by our plugin blocker, all connections from ports 25, 465, and 587 are blocked for security reasons. Therefore, it is not possible to send mail from your Managed WordPress service using a third-party mail system.

PHP File Execution Blocked

Attackers may try to use PHP files to inject malware and perform other malicious acts to your website. To help protect your site against this, PHP file execution has been blocked on specific sub-directories:

  • /uploads
  • /files
  • /wp-content
  • /wp-includes
  • /akismet

The above list was chosen, as these are common directories where these type of attacks occur. You will still be able to run PHP files from other directories.