FAQ: Grid Hard Disk Quota

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  • Applies to: Grid
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Time Needed: 10
    • Tools Required: NA


This article discusses key points regarding the Grid hard disk quota.

What is a hard disk?

Every computer has a hard disk to store files. This is also true of web servers. The hard disk on your Grid stores your website files, image files, etc.

So, what is a hard disk quota?

A hard disk quota is a built-in function that sets a ceiling or limit regarding the amount of space you can use on the disk.

What is the specific quota on the Grid?

Depending on your Grid version you may have a total quota of 20GB, 100GB, or 250GB. You can click here to get information on viewing your disk quota.

It should be noted that regardless of your total quota, your email usage cannot exceed 100GB. For example: even if you have 250GB of total space, your email disk usage cannot exceed 100GB.

What happens when I get near the 100GB ceiling?

When you've used 95GB of your storage, you'll receive a support request on your account to let you know. You should start cleaning up unnecessary data at that time.

What happens if I hit 100GB?

You won't be able to write any more data to your server. You'll need to clean up your data to proceed. This can seriously impact your websites, particularly if they need to write session data to function.

What if I'm already at 100GB or more when the quota gets enforced?

You won't be able to write any more data to your server. You'll have one week to clean up your data before we are forced to take additional action.

Does my email usage count against the quota?

Not yet. At this time, email usage does not count against the general Grid quota. However, this will be changing. In the future, your web and email usage must be less than 100GB total.

It should be noted that EMAIL usage regardless of Grid type cannot exceed 100GB.

Does my MySQL/database usage count against the quota?

No. Each Grid gets a separate quota for MySQL/database usage. It is dependent on which type of MySQL server you're using. The options are as follows:

  • MySQL SmartPool (the default): 4GB
  • MySQL GridContainer Lite: 4GB
  • MySQL GridContainer Pro: 6GB
  • MySQL GridContainer Advanced: 8GB

Click here for more information about our MySQL GridContainer add-on.

How can I find out how much data I'm currently using?

Click here for instructions on running a "Disk Usage Report" for your service. This will show you your Grid usage as well as your email usage.

Where can I learn more about managing my disk usage?

Click here for instructions on managing your disk usage.

Additional Resources

  • Click here for instructions on using FTP. FTP is one way to clean up your disk usage.
  • Click here for instructions on getting started with SSH. Advanced users typically clean up their disk usage via SSH.