Generate API key

  • Applies to: API, All Service Types
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Time: 5
    • Tools needed: Account Center access

An API key is required when you wish to develop applications to help manage and monitor your (mt) Media Temple hosting services.

Generate your API key

  1. Sign into your Account Center and scroll down to the bottom of the Overview page. You will see the MEDIA TEMPLE API section under the Need more support? heading.
  2. Select View/Manage Keys.
  3. On the new screen, enter your desired API key name and click the +Add button.
  4. Your API key is now listed. You can view or delete your API key from this same page once it has been generated.



  • You can have multiple keys.
  • Currently, all keys are treated equally. They can access all API functions with no restrictions.
  • (mt) supports multiple keys because you may want to have a "key" for APP "A", and a different key for APP "B"... especially useful if the application using "A" and "B" are different. In other words, you can kill off "A" or "B" API Key without affecting the other app.