Why do emails disappear from my trash and spam folders?

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  • Applies to: Grid
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Time Needed: 10
    • Tools Required: None


Many of us have once deleted an email message to then later decide we actually need it.  For this reason, it is important to know how long messages will stay in your trash folder before they are permanently deleted. The fact is that these settings can change depending on what email clients you use for mail.


When using IMAP email clients or webmail clients, emails older than 30 days will be deleted once you sign off.

If you are using third-party applications or devices, the Account Settings in those applications will always take precedence. A good example of this would be the default setting on the iPhone and iPod Touch, which will remove messages after just one week! To avoid any issues, make sure all of your mail applications are using the same settings.



  • If you wish to make sure none of your emails are removed from the trash or spam directories, you can create your own folders for this purpose which will be ignored by our system.
  • If you wish to remove emails from these directories sooner, you may setup your email application to clear out these messages.