Why does my alternate domain display a blank page?

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  • Applies to: Grid
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Time Needed: 10
    • Tools Required: AccountCenter access


You have already pointed your domain to (mt) Media Temple and uploaded your content to /domains/gs-example.com/html/. However, when you visit the domain in your browser, it shows a completely blank page. There are no errors and no code being read when you "View Source" in your browser.


This is caused by the lack of an alternate domain entry in the (mt) Media Temple Apache configuration for this domain.


  1. Sign into the Account Center.
  2. Click on the domain that is displaying the blank page.
  3. Click Domain Entry Missing. Then, choose Click here.

    Ac entrymissing.png

  4. Select your server, then click Next Step. You should then be returned to your Overview page.
  5. Within 20 minutes, your site should be displaying properly. Again, make sure that the domain is pointed to (mt) Media Temple, and that you have put your content in the appropriate directory: /domains/gs-example.com/html/.

WordPress can also display a blank page if it is configured incorrectly. This is completely unrelated to the issue described above. WordPress may show up as blank when you migrate to a new server because server paths haven't been updated in all of your themes, plugins, and settings.

  • The third-party Silentbits blog has some good suggestions on how to deal with this.
  • Often disabling and then re-enabling your theme and "pretty" URL rewriting will do the trick.
  • If a script error is causing the blank page, there should be at least some default HTML tags when you "View Source" for the web page in your browser (usually an option when you right-click).
  • Check your errors logs for further assistance.