G Suite Split Delivery

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  • Applies to: Managed VPS
    • Difficulty: Medium
    • Time Needed: 20
    • Tools Required: SSH with root access, G Suite admin access


This article explains how to split the mail delivery of a domain's email addresses between your Media Temple VPS and Gmail. This means that you can have user1@example.com delivered to your internally managed (and at no additional cost) email account, and user2@example.com delivered to a Gmail account.  

Important Note
This article is provided as a courtesy. Installing, configuring, and troubleshooting third-party applications is outside the scope of support provided by Media Temple. Please take a moment to review the Statement of Support.


  • Plesk admin access
  • G Suite admin access
  • SSH access
  • Familiarity with command line text editors


For Plesk
These instructions apply to an updated version of Plesk 12.5 that is using the default Postfix mail transfer agent (MTA). 

1. Log into your G Suite account and navigate to the Admin panel. By default, Google has a TLS delivery setting active and the default self-signed Plesk SSL certificate will return a bounce-back when mail is sent to it.

From the official Google documentation:
"By default, when you send email to or receive email from a given address or domain, Gmail checks to see if secure transport (TLS) is available for that address or domain. If so, Gmail delivers the message using secure transport. If not, Gmail delivers the message over a non-secure connection. However, you can use the Secure transport (TLS) compliance setting to require mail to be transmitted via a secure connection when users correspond with specific domains and email addresses."

If you have an SSL installed on your domain and it is configured in Plesk for use with email, skip to step 2. Check out these articles if you'd like to learn how to install a Media Temple SSL or free Let's Encrypt SSL.

If you do not currently have or plan on installing an SSL after you've completed the split delivery setup, navigate to G Suite > Settings for Gmail > Advanced settings and select the Hosts tab.

Create a new host with these settings:

  •  You may name the route anything you like. Be sure to replace your-server's-ip-address with your IP. On Plesk 12.5, your server's IP is listed in a panel on the right side of the home screen. Another option is to modify the host that already exists by disabling the Require TLS delivery option. 

2. Select G Suite > Settings for Gmail > Advanced settings. Click on the Default routing tab and then Add Setting

3. Configure the alternate route for email addresses that are not managed by G Suite.  This allows you to add and remove addresses in Plesk without having to configure anything else through the G Suite interface. 


  • Step 1: Select All recipients from the drop-down menu.
  • Step 2: Select Modify message from the drop-down menu. Leave the Headers section blank unless you need to specify otherwise. Under Route, select change route and then select the name of your host.

  • Step 3: Select perform this action only on non-recognized addresses and click Save.

4. SSH to your server and modify the main.cf file so that Postfix does not check outgoing email against your domains and attempt to route mail locally. You must do this, or attempting to send mail from your VPS to any Gmail managed addresses that are @yourdomain.com will fail. This is because Postfix will first look for the address on the local server.

vim etc/postfix/main.cf 

Add the line that tells SMTP to not reject email that matches local recipients. The value is supposed to be blank.

local_recipient_maps = 

save and quit


Reload postfix with the updated configuration. 

postfix reload

5. You should now be set up for split delivery. It is a good idea to send test mail both to and from your email addresses to verify that everything is working properly. As always, please feel free to contact our award winning 24/7 support with any questions.  


Postfix main.cf local_transport docs

Gmail routing and delivery docs