Install Koken on Ubuntu 14.04

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  • Applies to: DV Developer or self-managed VPS
    • Difficulty: Medium
    • Time Needed: 20
    • Tools Required: SSH with root access


This article explains how to install Koken on your Media Temple VPS with Ubuntu 14.04. Koken is an open-source content management system (CMS) that makes it easy to showcase your photos. Built from the ground up with photographers in mind, Koken is loaded with design-centric and easy to use features that can help you present your photos in the best possible format. 

Please keep in mind that troubleshooting the configuration/functionality of third-party applications is not covered by our statement of support. These resources were provided as a courtesy to assist you to the extent of our abilities. For more information on our statement of support, feel free to click here.


  • A VPS with Ubuntu 14.04 installed
  • Root SSH Access
  • Familiarity with basic shell commands


These installation instructions assume that you have a fresh Ubuntu 14.04 install on your Media Temple VPS or dedicated. To change your Media Temple VPS operating system through the Account Center, see these instructions. If you already have a standard LAMP stack or a web server and database software installed, you can skip to step 3. For more in-depth instructions for installing and configuring a LAMP stack, check out this community article

Begin by connecting to your server via SSH as either root or a user with sudo access. 
Connect via SSH - Community article with instructions. 

1. Install Apache

Apache is a common web server software for Linux operating systems. Other popular web servers like Nginx will also work fine.

apt-get -y upgrade
apt-get install apache2

2. Install MariaDB

Koken requires a database for file storage and organization. These instructions are for MariaDB, which is a powerful database utility. There's no reason to change to MariaDB if you already have a different database utility installed. During installation of MariaDB, remember to write down the DB password that you set.

apt-get install -y mariadb-server

3. Create a database for Koken

mysql -uroot -p
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON koken.* TO 'kokenuser'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'kokenuser_passwd';

4. Install PHP and related Koken dependencies

apt-get install php5 libapache2-mod-php5
apt-get -y install php5-fpm php5-cli php5-imagick php5-mysqlnd php5-curl
apt-get update
etc/init.d/apache2 restart

5. Download Koken

cd /var/www/html/ 
chmod -R 755 koken 

The following instructions are for installing Koken in the domain's primary folder ( If you would like to keep your installation in, skip to step 6. 

mv koken/* .
chmod 755 index.php

It's possible that you already have a default apache index.html in var/www/html/. If this is the case, it may take precedence over Koken's index.php unless you have configured a directory index in your .htaccess or have changed the settings in httpd.conf. If you are not sure, simply rename index.html.

mv /var/www/html/index.html var/www/html/index_old.html 

6. Install Koken

In your browser, navigate to Or, if you have elected to keep the koken installation in a separate file, navigate to Any issues that need to be resolved before proceeding will be listed on the page. Otherwise, click on Begin installation.


7. Create your admin user

 8. Enter your DB info

Use the info from steps 2 and 3 to fill in your DB info. If you've named your database something other than koken, use that name instead. 

Username: root
Database name: koken
Password: the MySQL password that you set in step 2.

9. Set your timezone and begin installation

10. Log in using the admin credentials that you created in step 7

11. Installation is complete!

Awesome! You should now be in your admin panel. This is located at or For help getting started with Koken and to learn about its many great features, check out the official docs at


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