Renewing an SSL certificate from Media Temple

  • Applies to: All Service Types
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Time Needed: 10
    • Tools Required: Account Center access


Media Temple SSLs are valid for one year and must be renewed annually. Use these instructions to renew your Media Temple SSL. 


  1. If you plan to renew your SSL certificate with Media Temple, then verify your email alias/email forwarder still points to the correct approval email address that you used when you ordered your SSL certificate. For more information on verifying an SSL, feel free to review the following KnowledgeBase article:
  2. For more information on verification methods, feel free to review the following:
  3. You will receive an email. The email will contain a link to review and approve the actual issuing of the certificate.
  4. Once you have approved the request, your renewal will begin to process and the SSL certificate will be accessible via the Account Center.
  5. For most services, the following steps may be used to install your SSL Certificate. 
    • Log into the Account Center.
    • From the Overview page, scroll down to the Add-On Services section and click on the Manage button to the right of your existing SSL that you wish to renew.
    • Click the Install/Reinstall SSL Certificate option.
    • Click the Install button.
For additional help with installation: Installing an SSL Certificate


Additional instructions for Plesk

Plesk users must also update their selected certificate in the Plesk control panel. Follow the instructions below after you've renewed your Media Temple SSL.

1. Log into Plesk and click on Websites & Domains  

2.Click on the domain that you would like to work with and select Hosting Settings from the drop-down menu. 

3. Use the drop-down menu under the security section to select the new certificate. 

4. Click apply. The change should take effect immediately.