How do I use ProCDN with WordPress and WP Super Cache?

  • Applies to: ProCDN
    • Difficulty: Medium-Hard
    • Time Needed: 60
    • Tools Required: WordPress administrator access


This article will cover setting up the ProCDN service with WordPress using the WP Super Cache plugin.


Before you start, this article has the following dependencies:

  • You must already have your Customer Origin and Cname created. For information, please see: Getting started with ProCDN. Note: You will want to wait until you can go to your EdgeCast CDN domain and see your full website load before proceeding.
  • WordPress installed.
  • WP Super Cache plugin installed.


  1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard as an administrator.
  2. From the Settings menu, select WP Super Cache, see Figure 1.

    Figure 1.

  3. Click on the CDN tab, see Figure 2.

    Figure 2.

  4. Next, do the following:
    1. Tick the box to Enable CDN Support.
    2. Enter your Off-site URL.
    3. Optional: You can add any additional folders you would like to be cached by the CDN in the Include directories field. By default, WP Super Cache includes the wp-content and wp-includes folders.

    See Figure 3 as an example.

    Figure 3. Click for a larger view.

  5. Click the Save Changes button.

That's it! Load up your website to make sure that everything is working. If you have missing elements on your page, check to make sure all your settings are correct. Otherwise, you may not have waited long enough for the CDN to cache all your website content.

If everything is working correctly, you can check the source code for the HTML page to make sure your images, Javascript, and stylesheets are being loaded from the CDN. You may also want to use a tool such as Pingdom Tools to test out the loading speed of your website.

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