How do I re-open a closed account?

  • Applies to: All Service Types
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Time Needed: 10
    • Tools Required: None


(mt) Media Temple accounts are closed for two reasons:

  • A request to close has been processed on the account after being submitted by the listed account owner.
  • The account was suspended for an overdue balance and left unpaid for 30 days.

When a (mt) Media Temple account is closed, all data is deleted from the server. There is a slim chance that (mt) Media Temple may have an emergency backup for your use, but we do not guarantee the completeness or availability of such data.


For billing or account-related assistance, you may contact us via chat, support request, or telephone at 310-841-5500. Our Support team is available 24/7/365 to assist you.

Steps to re-open account

The account owner is the only contact on an account that has the ability to initiate re-opening the account, and will need to contact (mt) Media Temple at 310-841-5500, to begin the process.

There are two options to begin the process of re-opening an account:

  • Option 1: The account owner must know her/his AccountCenter password.
  • Option 2: The account owner will need to send in her/his government-issued photo ID.

If an account was closed for an overdue balance, the overdue amount will need to be paid prior to re-opening the account or any associated services.


If the account owner does not know her/his AccountCenter password, then please proceed with Option 2 below. Otherwise, please give us a call with your AccountCenter password handy to proceed with Option 1.

Option 1

If the account owner knows her/his AccountCenter password, then s/he can simply contact (mt) Media Temple at 310-841-5500 and provide the AccountCenter password to us. Once we verify that the password is correct, we can continue the process of re-opening the account and any service that needs to be re-opened.

Option 2

If the account owner does not know her/his AccountCenter password, then s/he will need to verify identity by completing the Account Owner/Account Contact Email Update Request. Please send this form with a copy of your Government-issued photo ID; this request can be sent via fax to 310-388-0929, or via email to  Once the documentation has been sent, please give our Support team a follow-up call at 310-841-5500, so that we can assist you with re-opening your account.

Data recovery options

(mt) Media Temple maintains regular backups of all customer data for disaster recovery purposes. While we keep these mainly for our own uses, we can accommodate customer requests in the rare case that your own self-managed backups do not contain the data you've lost.

Please be aware of the following conditions to ensure successful recovery of the needed data:

  • Due to the time needed to locate and recover the needed files by an administrator, we will charge a one-time fee. This fee cannot be waived or reduced.
  • We require the exact name and path of the file, folder, or database. If you require a full account recovery, please specify whether you need all files, databases, or both.
  • (mt) Media Temple provides NO GUARANTEE that the data you need will be available. We encourage all customers to maintain their own backups. We only offer this service as a last-resort measure to customers who have exhausted all other means of retrieving their data. In the event that we cannot recover the needed data, there will be no charge.
  • Most data recovery requests have a turn-around time of 8-16 hours. Due to the time-sensitive nature of this task, we will treat your support request with higher priority. However, we cannot begin the process until you verify that you agree to these terms.