DV Server Repair & Diagnostics tools

  • Applies to: All DV
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time Needed: 10
  • Tools Required: AccountCenter access


This guide provides instructions on using the Repair and Diagnostics tools.

Parallels Power Panel

The Parallels Power Panel is where you can go to quickly access simple monitoring tools, or reboot your server. For more information, please see: How to access your DV Power Panel.


Question: When I launch the Parallels Power Panel I receive a page with a large SSL Warning, is it safe to visit?
Answer: Yes, what you are seeing is a SSL Error message due to the fact that the Parallels Power Panel uses a self-signed SSL Certificate. Your browser should simply offer you a way to bypass the error message so that you may access the panel.

Bandwith Reports

This will simply display your current and past monthly bandwidth reports.

Revert to Default

Revert your server to a default state, and safely retain all of your old files. All existing data will be saved to the /old directory on your server. This is useful should your server become compromised, or if you would just like to start from scratch. Use the Change OS tool if you would like to change your operating system.

Reset Your Firewall

Reset your firewall rules back to their default state. Useful for situations when a custom rule has locked you out of your own server. Your current rules will be saved to a text file located in /root/iptables_save.txt.

Add Temporary Disk Space

Temporarily add 1GB for the next 6 hours. Useful for situations when your server has ran out of disk space, and you are unable to administrate your server. You can also just upgrade your current service right away.