What's new in Plesk 12?

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As of July 2014, Parallels Plesk 12 is available on all DV services and can be updated directly through the Plesk control panel. The latest version of this state-of-the-art hosting administration panel includes many enhancements and new features. Here are some of the highlights new to Plesk 12.

What's New?

New Mail Features

  • Outgoing Spam Protection

    Administrators can protect server IP addresses from being put into spam blacklist due to outgoing spam.

  • Dovecot Mail Server Support

    Dovecot may now be used as an alternative to IMAP and POP. More information on Dovecot may be found here.

  • Protection From Email Interception

    To help prevent email interception, you can prohibit the setup of domain names that are already registered and belong to existing companies.

  • Disable Mail Service On Individual Domains

    It is now possible to turn off mail service for individual domains, or by subscription.


  • Fail2Ban

    Plesk 12 now comes with the popular intrusion prevention system, Fail2Ban. It has many security features including protection for SSH, FTP, web, mail services, and Plesk. It provides detection for suspicious activity and temporarily blocks the IP address of any host that is found to be trying to gain unauthorized access. More information on Fail2Ban can be found here.

  • ModSecurity

    ModSecurity is an Apache-based web application firewall. It's used to prevent malicious users from damaging customers' websites through application vulnerabilities and flaws. More information on ModSecurity can be found here.

WordPress Toolkit

Plesk 12 comes with a breand new toolkit for WordPress. It allows you to easily manage all of your WordPress installations that have been installed using Plesk's APS (Application Packaging Standard), as well as non-APS-based WordPress installations, plugins and themes from a single point of entry in Plesk.

The new WordPress Toolkit also addresses security. The APS version of WordPress has out-of-the-box security improvements. You can also use the tool to scan selected WordPress installations to check how secure they are and apply security improvements. If needed, you can also use the tool to rollback any of these added security features that may have been implemented.More information on the new WordPress Toolkit may be found here.

Added Flexibility & Convenience

In Plesk 12, it is now easy to convert an account to a reseller and vice-versa. It is also now possible to move customers between resellers if needed.

There is also a new feature that allows an administrator to manage all sites within a subscription or webspace within a single panel, and a simplified site management interface for users on reseller accounts that manage their own sites without reselling.

Other new conveniences include the following.

  • New mobile-friendly interface
  • Restorable reseller & customer accounts, subscriptions, domains, DNS zones, mailboxes, mailinglists, databases, files and directories, and SSL certificates
  • Multi-language support including English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Korean, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Turkish, Greek and Ukrainian

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