How do I transfer ownership of a (mt) Media Temple account?

  • Applies to: All Service Types
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Time Needed: 10
    • Tools Required: None


Occasionally, a situation arises in which ownership of a (mt) Media Temple account needs to be transferred from one individual to another. Such situations can generally be divided into "in contact" and "out of contact" scenarios. In certain limited cases, (mt) Media Temple is able to facilitate a transfer of account ownership when circumstances are appropriate. 

Valid Scenarios and Resolutions

Examples of valid scenarios in which (mt) Media Temple can facilitate transfer of an account include, but are not exclusively limited to:

  • The listed Account Owner is willfully transferring his or her (mt) Media Temple account to another individual. 
  • The listed Account Owner is a former employee who is unreachable, of a corporate or organizational entity that is: (1) responsible for the content of, and; (2) possesses registrant status of all of the domains associated with the data assets on the (mt) Media Temple account in question.
  • The current listed Account Owner is deceased. In such unfortunate situations, the executor, inheritor, or beneficiary of the estate typically inherits the estate and assets of the decedent.

In all such scenarios, petitioners must complete the Account Transfer Request to continue.

Invalid Scenarios

Unfortunately, situations arise in which (mt) Media Temple will be unable to assist you with your request to transfer ownership of an account. These scenarios include, but are not limited to:

  • A third-party developer or reseller owns the account. Often, confused clients of a reseller or developer will contact us after losing contact with the person or persons responsible for building and maintaining their website. The developer or reseller in this scenario is often the listed Account Owner, and is therefore the legal owner of these data assets. Regrettably, especially in circumstances where many different, unrelated domains are being hosted on the same account, we are unable to assist in such scenarios. We strongly advise contacting the parties responsible for building your website for assistance, as (mt) Media Temple is further unable to arbitrate any disputes or provide any information about the listed account owner to an unlisted petitioner.
  • The Account Owner declines your request for any reason. We are obligated to attempt to contact the Account Owner prior to completion of your request. If the Account Owner declines the request for any reason, we will be unable to accommodate the transfer request. We are generally only able to transfer an account without an owner's explicit consent in the extremely limited circumstance that all contact with the Account Owner has been lost.
  • The request is part of an ongoing dispute related to ownership of assets. (A good example of such a situation might be a legal spat between former business partners, both of whom claim to legally own the web content.) Such disputes cannot be arbitrated by (mt) Media Temple under any circumstances. We strongly advise you retain professional legal counsel in such scenarios, as you will likely need to seek resolution in a U.S. court of law.

Additional Information

The Account Ownership Transfer process is a complex one and can take an extended amount of time to process. Due to the time and energy required to process a transfer request, an Account Transfer Fee of $25.00 will be assessed in the event that an out-of-contact transfer is successful.

Once the account transfer has been completed, an email with the AccountCenter login information will be sent to the provided email address. You will then need to update all outdated account contact and billing information in the AccountCenter. Please see this article for more information: Billing information.

For a detailed guide to all (mt) Media Temple legal requests, please see our Legal page.