Using Media Temple Credit

  • Applies to: All services


This FAQ will address the usage of hosting credit received from (mt) Media Temple. (mt) Store Credit is typically applied to your account by a customer referral, System Incident, or some other form of concession made by our Billing Department.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I see my available credit?

You can check the Billing Snapshot section on the Account Overview page when you first log into your AccountCenter. It will also be listed under Billing->Balances & Statements.

Can I just use credit for my existing service(s)?

Sure. Any upcoming charges to your account will be subtracted from your total balance.

How do I use this credit to add new services?

To use your (mt) Store Credit to activate a new service, please open a new support request or contact our Support department.

My current hosting plan(s) are monthly. Will you automatically deduct from my credit?

Yes. Our automated systems will use any existing credits on your account toward your existing services. With that in mind please also make sure your credit card on file is current. Once your credit has been depleted we will begin to use your primary method of payment.

What if I use my credit for a service/add-on that has a Money Back Guarantee?

If you choose to close any service that has a Money Back Guarantee, we will apply any credit used back to your account. For more information, please read our Money Back guarantee terms and conditions.

What if I consolidate accounts or if I transfer my account to someone else?

If you are consolidating accounts, than any credit would follow you to the destination account. If you are removing yourself as an Account Owner, please open a support request stating you are leaving your remaining credit to the new owner.

Will I receive a refund if I leave Media Temple and still have remaining credit?

Our credits are not redeemable for cash. Any amount you do not use stays on your closed account and cannot be refunded.

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