FAQ: Legacy DV EOL

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  • Applies to: DV 4.0
    • Difficulty: N/A
    • Time Needed: N/A
    • Tools Required: None


EOL is an acronym for End Of Life. Hosting related technology and services develop quickly and are constantly changing. Periodically, some products become antiquated or deprecated due to major enhancements and/or because a third-party vendor has discontinued support or future development. 

Please refer to the following general information to learn more about how Media Temple is discontinuing our Legacy DV hosting platform and upgrading our customers at no cost. 

What is happening?

The DV 4.0 (also referred to as Legacy DV) has reached its EOL. We will be migrating these services to our latest DV platform.

Why is this happening?

The operating system that the DV 4.0 is based on, CentOS 5, has gone into EOL state. This means that CentOS 5 will not receive patches or security updates.
Additionally, we will be moving services to new hardware. Not only will current DV 4.0 customer be getting an upgraded operating system, but they will also be on more powerful hardware.

Upgrades include:

  • CentOS 7 operating system
  • Faster SSDs
  • Double the RAM
  • Access to the Plesk Onyx hosting platform 

How will this work?

  1. A notice to all affected customers will be sent out prior to the upgrade. 
  2. When the migration starts, a new DV service will be created. Our system will use the Plesk Migrator to move your sites and data from your original service to the new one.
  3. When the migration is complete, your old service will be closed.

How much will this cost?

Nothing, and new service billing terms will be identical to the DV 4.0.

How should I prepare?

The majority of customers will not need to do anything to prepare. At the end of the migration there may be a short period of downtime (5 - 15 minutes).

One exception is if you have have installed services or created databases outside of Plesk. In this case, it will be your responsibility to set those databases up after the migration is complete.

To assist with this, you will be able to retrieve a copy of your original file system from /mtupgrade/data. Databases will be in the folder /mtupgrade/mysql/$DBNAME.

For help importing/exporting database, refer to this Media Temple community article: 

The disk space allocation for your service will be increased temporarily for 7 days to make room for those extra copies. At the end of of those 7 days, your allocation will be lowered and the /mtupgrade folder will be deleted. If you wish to keep the data, you will need to move it out of the /mtupgrade folder before then.


In order to prevent issues cause by PHP version changes, all PHP 5.x versions will be added to the new DV services.

New DV services will no longer use the Apache web server module, mod_php, but will instead utilize the faster php-fpm. This means that you may have issues where PHP files are 'owned' by Apache and are not accessible. This could potentially create a range of issues that include problems with user uploads to sites and publishing via a CMS such as WordPress. Please consult the following article for additional information:


Please feel free to contact our award-winning 24/7 customer support with any questions or concerns.