Adding Internationalized Domain Names Using Punycode

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Punycode is a encoding syntax which allows a Unicode (UTF-8) string of characters to be translated into the basic ASCII-characters permitted in network host names. Accordingly, it is commonly used for internationalized domain names. You have the ability to add international domain names to your server using Punycode, as described below.

Convert Your International Domain Name To Punycode
If you need to convert your international domain name to punycode, you can utilize the following third-party tool. Please keep in mind that this link will redirect you to a third-party website. Accordingly, (mt) Media Temple cannot support or guarantee the accuracy of this information, or the functionality of this tool: Punycode Converter

Adding The Domain In The AccountCenter

Once you have the punycode for your domain name, you can simply add the domain in the AccountCenter like any other domain name. When doing so, use the punycode value as the domain name. This will create a DNS zone file for that domain name. If you are using the DV server, you will still need to add the domain in the Plesk Control Panel as well.

Adding a domain in Plesk