Requesting a Call from Support

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  • Applies to: All Service Types
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Time Needed: 5
    • Tools Required: AccountCenter access


Our Account Center now allows you to request a call from a support agent to speak with you about any issues you are having with your (mt) Media Temple services.


Creating a call request

  1. Log into your AccountCenter.
  2. Hover over the SUPPORT tab and click on REQUEST A SUPPORT CALL.
  3. On the following screen, you will be able to enter the number to be reached at. Then select the type of support needed and provide us with a brief description of your issue. Please try to include important information like error messages or the domain that your issue is related to.
  4. When the form is complete, click Request Call.
  5. You will see a confirmation screen when the request has been submitted. Once your request has been received, you will be contacted by the next available agent.

Cancelling a call request

On the confirmation screen, you will see a CANCEL CALL button. If you would like to cancel your request, simply click this and your requested call will be cancelled.