What is a Monthly Account Review?

Web hosting is a given, but we know that each of our customers has their own criteria upon which to evaluate Media Temple. Our monthly account reviews will help identify this criteria and enable us to build a strategy to deliver these desired outcomes for you.

What will be discussed?

Monthly Account Reviews measure our progress in achieving your key business objectives and to revisit the strategy, if necessary. 

Common points of discussion are: 

  1. Key Business Objectives and Success Strategy
  2. Support and Ticket Review
  3. Infrastructure Review
    1. Cost
    2. Utilization
    3. Uptime
  4. Upcoming Events and Projects
  5. AWS Product and Feature Roadmap
  6. Account Contact Update
  7. Feedback

Turn Insight Into Action 

Most companies will give you raw data. But your SDM reviews the data from your environment with you, and provides actionable insight and analysis in plain English. 

How to get the most from your monthly account review?

The customers who get the the most value from these interactions will spend some time thinking about putting together information on the following topics: 

  1. Upcoming events - Will you have any campaigns or events that will result in higher traffic or load on your AWS environment. This is something we can be proactive about. 
  2. Changes in account roles
  3. Major changes to app or infra
  4. What is working best for you? 
  5. What could be improved? 

Who should attend?

Stakeholders in the company that depend on the Media Temple managed services for day to day operations. It is an opportunity button up any issues with our service and support. Although, we encourage anyone that deals with the Media Temple service to join.

 Questions? customersuccess@mediatemple.net