Here are some things our most successful customers do:

  • Always test on Staging first before pushing changes to Production.
  • Load test your cloud environment before going live
  • Let us know if you are expecting a high-traffic event so that we can ensure you are prepared.
  • When submitting tickets, let us know what issue(s) you are up against and what your end-goal is. We have a team of problem-solvers, and if we understand what your goal is, we can provide you the best solution to get you there.
  • You only need to send us your public SSH key, keep your private key private!
  • If something doesn’t look right - let us know. This includes traffic from foreign IPs, multiple failed logins, etc. The sooner we can address an issue, the smaller the impact will be on your environment and your business.
  • Point your DNS to CloudFront, not the load balancer or a single EC2 instance
  • Don’t go live without telling us first. We have a number of infrastructure alarms that need to be enabled so that we can properly support your live production environment.

What is a Monthly Account Review and why should I attend?

Web hosting is a given, but we know that each of our customers has their own criteria upon which to evaluate Media Temple. Our monthly account reviews will help identify this criteria and enable us to build a strategy to deliver these desired outcomes for you.