Fully Managed Cloud Migration Process

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  • Applies to: AWS
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Time Needed: 10
    • Tools Required: Source server information/credentials, Account Center access


This article will answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding (mt) Media Temple's migration process for a Fully Managed Cloud Hosting on AWS.

What does a migration include?

A migration includes:

  • Transfer of files from a single source server to your new destination server
  • Transfer of 1 database from the source server to the destination server
  • Application setup of a site on the destination server
  • Up to 2 hours of troubleshooting for any migration related issues*
  • Automated testing and comparisons of 5 website pages
  • Cutover and DNS updates

*This does not include PHP incompatibilities

What is the cost of a migration service?

Migrations for a HTML or PHP application are $100 for content and a single database per application. Migrations of a single database are $50. Please reach out to support if your application is using an alternative language.

The Migration Process

Submit Form

The Migration Credential Form is an important piece of the migration life cycle. This form gives you the opportunity to submit all required information about the migration, including:

  • Source Hostname
  • Source Credentials for FTP/SFTP/SSH Access
  • Source Database Name and Credentials
  • Application Type
  • Application Credentials
  • Content Location
  • Current DNS Records

Data Transfer

Once the Migration Credential Form has been submitted, Media Temple will begin transferring the data from the source server to the destination server in a temporary location. Media Temple will move all the files for one application, from the location provided.*

*If more than one application is in the location provided, while all files may be moved, we will only configure one application as part of the migration.

Database Transfer

Once the file transfer has been completed, Media Temple will migrate the database. This includes the creation of the database on the destination server. Please note only 1 database transfer is included per migration, additional databases can be moved for $50 per database.

Application Setup

At this stage of the migration, Media Temple will perform the following actions:

  • Move all files from the temporary location to the web server’s document root
  • Update up-to 3 configuration files per migration to reference the new database credentials
  • Perform a search and replace any hard-coded file paths inside the document root
  • Add/Remove any required PHP modules
  • Correct any permission and/or ownership issues
  • Configure caching if defined (Ex. ElastiCache, W3TC)


As part of the testing phase, Media Temple will employ a shared responsibility model. We are responsible for the initial automated testing and comparison of 5 pages of your site. Once this has been completed, it is then the customers responsibility to further check the site and confirm all necessary functions are working. Any issues must be reported prior to cutover. Any issues reported after cutover may affect Media Temple’s ability to troubleshoot and resolve application level issues.


Once you are ready to complete the cutover to the new site, if requested, we will perform a resync of the files and database from the source to the destination. Once the files are resynced, a final quality review will be performed, followed by the updating of DNS.

Please note that if changes have been made on the destination in order to configure it to the environment, and we are not advised prior to cutover, those changes may be lost.

Migration to Staging

Once the site is live on the new AWS hosting, we will copy the site files and database to your staging server. This will allow you to develop your application in a safe environment.