Fully Managed Cloud on AWS

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  • Applies to: AWS
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Time Needed: 5 minutes
    • Tools Required: AWS Root account access


This article will answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding (mt) Media Temple's Fully Managed Cloud Hosting on AWS.

What does “linking my AWS account to Media Temple” mean?

When you sign up for AWS support under Advanced Support, we need to link your AWS billing to us. This ensures you get just one consolidated bill each month for both your AWS and your Advanced Support services. It also allows you to take advantage of some of the AWS volume discounts that linking with us provides.

The process of linking an account works like this:

  1. You send us the email address for your AWS root account.
  2. Based on that email, we generate an account link request.
  3. You receive that request as an email and follow the link inside. You’ll be prompted to log in to your AWS account and provide approval.

From that moment on, all AWS charges will be re-billed through us. Any charges you incurred up to that point of the month will still come straight from AWS, however. There are a couple other implications, as well:

  1. If you submit support tickets to AWS directly from your AWS console, you will get a response saying you need to work with us for support instead. You should submit any issues you’d normally submit to AWS support to Media Temple going forward. You can reach us via ticket, chat, or phone call.
  2. IMPORTANT NOTE: Linking the billing DOES NOT give us console access to your AWS account. In other words, it does NOT mean we can log in, view/update data, etc. The only thing it means is that your billing runs through us instead of directly through AWS.

Do I have to link my AWS account to (mt)?

Yes, customers who sign up for Advanced Support and want their AWS account managed must link their AWS billing to ours and grant us IAM access to their account. This is actually a huge benefit, as it means a consolidated bill and extra AWS volume discounts.

How does Media Temple get access to my AWS account for support?

After we link your AWS billing to ours, there’s still the matter of gaining appropriate access to the account itself so we can support it (i.e. build out/configure new services, set up monitoring, etc.). In order to do this, our Cloud Architects will work with you to do one of two things:

  1. If you don’t have an existing AWS account, we’ll create one for you and set you up with an administrator IAM account.
  2. If you already have an AWS account, we’ll work with you to update your root credentials to a custom Media Temple email address and create an administrator IAM account for you to use.

We request root access in both cases for two reasons:

  1. For security purposes, the AWS root account should never be used for actual administration (it gives too much access to a potential intruder). After we set up a custom email address, password, and MFA, the account won’t be used for any further administration.
  2. Because your AWS billing is linked to ours, we need to retain the ability to access your account in emergency circumstances. For example, if your AWS usage suddenly goes through the roof (resulting in huge charges) and we’re unable to reach you by email or phone for several business days, we’ll need to investigate and take action to protect you from a huge and unexpected bill at the end of the month.

If your company’s policy won’t allow for us to have root access, however, just talk to us. We’re happy to consider alternatives in this case.

Who owns my data if it’s hosted on AWS with Media Temple?

You retain ownership of your data. Media Temple does not (and does not want to) become the owner. If you have more questions on data privacy and ownership as it pertains to AWS, check out their FAQ here: