FAQ: Media Temple is moving to GoDaddy

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  • Applies to: All Service Types
    • Difficulty: NA
    • Time Needed: NA
    • Tools Required: Account Center access


Media Temple is committed to providing our customers with the best products, services, and support. Although we’ve done a lot of work over the last 2 years to improve all of these areas, we still have a long way to go when we look at the experience we want to provide our customers. As such, we’ve decided the best thing for our loyal customers is to provide them access to the world-class experience provided by GoDaddy by migrating their accounts and products from Media Temple to GoDaddy starting January 2023.


What will change?

The biggest change you will see after your account is migrated is the dashboard you use to manage your account and engage with support. Since most of Media Temple’s products are fulfilled through GoDaddy and GoDaddy provides support to Media Temple customers, you should notice that not much else will change.

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What will happen to Media Temple?

Once all customers are safely transitioned to GoDaddy, Media Temple will cease operations and devote all current resources to supporting our customers from within GoDaddy.

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What will happen to my Media Temple account, products, and services?

All Media Temple accounts, products, and services will be migrated to GoDaddy with no impact on your site uptime or business continuity. Fortunately, a lot of the products and services Media Temple customers are currently using are fulfilled through GoDaddy, so there is a good chance that only a few of your services will need to be migrated.

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What do I need to do?

Not much. From now until when your account is migrated to GoDaddy you will receive a number of notices keeping you informed as to what will be happening with your account and services. Our main ask is to look for these updates and read them carefully as they will contain important information to ensure a smooth transition to GoDaddy.

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What if I don’t want to be a GoDaddy customer?

If you don't find GoDaddy to be a good fit, you must migrate your site(s) and data to another host and close your account prior to December 31, 2022, to prevent your account from being migrated to GoDaddy.

However, to ensure the preservation of your data and the continuity of your business, if your account is still active during the scheduled migration window, we will migrate your account to GoDaddy. After which you can choose to close your GoDaddy account.

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Will you help me migrate to another hosting company?

Unfortunately, all resources will be dedicated to providing a seamless transition from Media Temple to GoDaddy. As such, we won't be able to directly assist customers in migrating to another hosting company, but you can contact Support for general assistance and information on your product(s).

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Will I automatically be opted into GoDaddy’s marketing?

As part of your account migration, we'll import your existing marketing consent settings into your new GoDaddy account.

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Will I automatically be opted into GoDaddy’s legal agreement(s)?

No, after your account has been migrated, you'll have an opportunity to review and agree to GoDaddy’s legal disclosure.

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What should I tell my clients about this change to my account and products?

We feel confident that the experience for you and your clients will only improve. Media Temple and GoDaddy already have a strong partnership, and many of Media Temple’s products and services are provided by GoDaddy, as well as Media Temple’s support. And, all of the recent improvements made to our infrastructure utilized GoDaddy’s technology and expertise. So although you’re an existing Media Temple customer, much of that Media Temple experience you’ve come to trust is already with GoDaddy.

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Will my payment options change?

Yes, GoDaddy offers more options for how you can pay for your digital services, including credit card, PayPal, and other services to break up large invoices into multiple payments.

Customers with invoices regularly over $10,000 USD will have additional payment options available to them as well.

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What will happen to my current payment information?

All payment information on your Media Temple account will be migrated to and available for use with GoDaddy.

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What if I need to update information on my Media Temple account?

You'll have the ability to update information on your Media Temple account, including your contact information, billing information, and account contacts, right up until the time your account will be migrated. You'll also be able to update your account information once your account is transitioned to GoDaddy.

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I already have a GoDaddy account, can my Media Temple account be migrated to that account?

Once your new account is created at GoDaddy, you can merge the accounts.

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What happens if I have more than one Media Temple account?

All of your accounts will be transitioned to GoDaddy intact. However, if you're a web designer or developer who created more than one account to help you better organize your projects and/or clients at Media Temple, we encourage you to take advantage of GoDaddy’s Hub / Pro Dashboard specifically designed for web professionals. This dashboard empowers web professionals to easily organize and access multiple client projects and accounts.

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What if I need to open a new account between now and when my account is migrated?

If you're opening a new account to help organize a new client or project, we encourage you to open a new GoDaddy account, as GoDaddy provides a better set of tools to help web developers and designers manage multiple projects and clients from a single account.

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What if I need to purchase new products around the time my Media Temple is scheduled to be migrated?

You'll be notified of a small window of time, prior to your account transition, where your account will be locked during migration to prevent any problems. However, prior to that, you'll have full access to all of Media Temple’s products and services. Also, immediately after your account is migrated to GoDaddy, you'll have access to all GoDaddy’s products and services.

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Will I have access to my historical billing information from Media Temple?

Yes, we'll have the last 6 years of billing information for all Media Temple customers. This information will be able to be requested through GoDaddy.


Please be aware that we will not be able to share historical billing information from Media Temple until all customers have been fully migrated to GoDaddy.

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How can I access my products after I'm migrated to GoDaddy?

After your account has been migrated, you'll need to sign in to the My Products page of your GoDaddy account and open your product. See the list below to see where your product is now located in your GoDaddy account:

  • Domains: Domains
  • SSL: SSL Certificates
  • Shared Hosting (with cPanel): Web Hosting
  • Managed WordPress: Managed WordPress
  • VPS: Servers
  • (mt) Mail and Managed AWS: Media Temple
  • Sucuri: Websites Security and Backups

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What will happen to my Media Temple contracts for annual products?

All contracts will be migrated to GoDaddy along with your products. If you have an annual contract on a service, that same contract will be honored by GoDaddy.

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Are any Media Temple products not being migrated to GoDaddy?

The following products will not be migrated to GoDaddy:

  • Mail will be sunset, and all mailboxes will be transitioned to a new platform powered by Open Exchange.
  • Google Workspaces (G Suite) won't be migrated to GoDaddy, but will be transitioned back to Google for both support and administration in January 2023. Prior to this happening, all Google subscribers will receive information as to where they can log into their Admin Control Panel and new billing information.

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Will my site(s) go offline during my account migration?

No, your products are not being migrated during this time and will not be affected by your account migration.

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Will I lose access to my control panel at any time during the migration process?

Yes, there'll be a small window of time where your account will be locked to prevent any problems during the migration process. We expect this window to last only a few seconds. The next time you log into your account you'll have access to your new GoDaddy control panel.

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Will I still have access to the Media Temple community or knowledge base after my account is migrated?

You'll have access to Media Temple support resources up until the moment your account is migrated to GoDaddy. After which, you'll have access to GoDaddy’s Help Center, as well as all their support resources.

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What will happen to my backups? Will they be migrated?

Most, if not all, customers should be upgraded from our legacy products to our newest products, which means your backups should already be stored with GoDaddy. If you're still on a legacy Media Temple product, you'll be notified of how the backups for that product will be handled.

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Will I be able to purchase or use all GoDaddy products?

Yes, one of the reasons behind our decision to migrate Media Temple customers to GoDaddy is to give them access to GoDaddy’s continuously expanding suite of products. As a GoDaddy customer, you'll have access to all services offered by GoDaddy.

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Will I still have access to Advanced Support?

Yes, but it won't be called Advanced Support. GoDaddy provides the same support bundled through their lineup of Fully Managed VPS, whereas Media Temple sold it as a separate add-on to our DV product.

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Will I keep the same products and services?

Since Media Temple has been leveraging its partnership with GoDaddy to ensure our customers have the best products with the most up-to-date features, many of your products and services will not change. However, some products unique to Media Temple will be replaced with comparable or better products from GoDaddy. For example, Mail, a proprietary email service, will be transitioning to a platform powered by Open Exchange.

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Will my prices change?

There are no plans to increase prices in the near future after your account has been migrated to GoDaddy. The prices you're paying for your Media Temple services on the day your account is migrated will remain the same for your remaining term once you become a GoDaddy customer.

The only exception is if we are required to upgrade one or more of your services to complete a product migration. Then, you'll be charged the current price of the upgraded service, while receiving all of the additional resources and benefits.

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Will GoDaddy honor Media Temple’s 20/20 uptime guarantee?

GoDaddy offers a Service Uptime Guarantee of 99.9% of available time per month. If GoDaddy fails to maintain this Service Uptime Guarantee in a particular month, you may contact GoDaddy and request a credit of 5% of your monthly hosting fee for that month.

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Will my IP address(es) change?

IP address preservation is product-by-product and in some cases customer-by-customer. If your Media Temple product still needs to be migrated, we'll advise you on our ability to migrate your IP address(es) along with your product.

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Will Media Temple update my DNS records, if necessary?

Yes, if your DNS is hosted at Media Temple we'll update DNS records for products that we migrate.

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What will happen to my Managed AWS account?

Managed AWS will continue to be offered and remain under the GoDaddy team of Cloud Experts. We'll introduce a new support interface to better manage your AWS infrastructure and invoices will be sent from GoDaddy.

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Will my ticket history and chat logs be migrated to my new GoDaddy account?

Your account’s ticket history and account notes will be migrated with your account to GoDaddy, but will only be available for internal reference and not visible from your account’s control panel.

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How will I know which product(s) will be migrated to GoDaddy?

The ongoing product migrations delivered by Media Temple have moved your hosting products (Grid and DV) onto the same product platform provided by GoDaddy. For each migration, customers received the name of the new product they have been migrated to. You can view the Media Temple or GoDaddy websites for further information on the cPanel and VPS hosting products.

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What happens if my Media Temple service is suspended at the time it is supposed to be migrated?

Suspended legacy services won't be eligible for migration to the newer services. We’re asking all customers with a legacy product that will be retired this year to ensure their services remain active so they can be migrated.

Unfortunately, if an account remains in a suspended state until the scheduled retirement date of the platform, the product will be closed and data will be deleted and non-recoverable.

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Do I need to make changes to my email?

If you're using third-party email clients (such as Outlook, Apple Mail, or other mail applications), we recommend checking your email settings in these applications to ensure you're using the most current settings. See Using Email and select your product at the top to see your hosting's email settings.

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What if I have a question that wasn't answered on this page?

From now until February, when accounts are scheduled to be migrated to GoDaddy, you can reach Media Temple support by chat or phone at 310.841.5500 between 8:00 am - 5:30 pm PST.

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Can I receive support from GoDaddy before my account is migrated?

No. Until your account is moved, your Media Temple account can only be supported by Media Temple's support team. GoDaddy support will not have access to your information or products until after your account is moved under the GoDaddy brand.

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