How can I transfer ownership of a (mt) Media Temple Account?

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  • Applies to: All Services
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Time Needed: 10
    • Tools Required: Account Center access


The following article will provide information on how you can transfer (mt) Account Ownership of a (mt) Media Temple account. Before we begin, let's review what exactly an (mt) Account Owner is.

What is the (mt) Account Owner?

The (mt) Account Owner is simply the listed owner within the (mt) Account Center. An (mt) Account Owner does not necessarily have to be the Website Developer, CEO, Business Owner, or IT Employee. Although this may seem like like a subtle difference, there can be great implications, as the (mt) Account Owner is the most powerful contact on the (mt) Media Temple account.

An (mt) Account Owner can:

  • Open new services.
  • Make billing changes to the account.
  • Make technical changes to the account.

The (mt) Account Owner also has exclusive privileges such as:

  • Closing a service/account.
  • Inviting new Contacts.
  • Transferring services in/out an account.
  • Maintain ownership of data within the account.

How can I find who is the current (mt) Account Owner?

  1. Log into your Media Temple account.
  2. Click on CONTACTS.

  3. The current (mt) Account Owner will have the role listed next to their name.


How can I transfer (mt) Account Ownership?

There can be various reasons as to why (mt) Account Ownership may wish to be transferred. This can include: employee leaving a company, change in developers, or even an unfortunate event such as a deceased person. There are two primary methods of transferring (mt) Account Ownership.

(mt) Account Owner updates their contact information

This is the quickest and easiest method of transferring (mt) Account Ownership. All it requires is the current (mt) Account Owner to be able to login to their (mt) Media Temple Account.

  1. Have the (mt) Account Owner log into their Media Temple account.
  2. Click on CONTACTS.


  3. Click on the edit icon associated to the (mt) Account Owner.


  4. The (mt) Account Owner will want to update the USERNAME and PASSWORD.


    The new username and password will become the login credentials for the new (mt) Account Owner.

  5. The current (mt) Account Owner will also want to update the Name, Phone Number, Address, and other contact information to the new (mt) Account Owner.


That's it! (mt) Account Ownership should now be transferred, and the new (mt) Account Owner will be able to login.

Account Transfer Request

If an (mt) Account Owner is not able to access to their (mt) Media Temple Account, but is willing to transfer ownership, or if the (mt) Account Owner has become deceased, then an Account Transfer Request can be submitted. Do keep in mind that this method will require identification and documentation to confirm the identity of the (mt) Account Owner.

Account Ownership Dispute

If an (mt) Account Owner is unwilling to transfer ownership, the only other recourse would be through legal methods, such as obtaining a U.S. court order mandating the transfer of the content in question.

Unfortunately, we are unable to mediate disputes between our customers and any other person or party, nor are we able to make a legal determination as to whether or not one individual has superior rights to any content hosted or stored on our systems. We wish all the best in the pursuit of a resolution.

If you are listed as the WHOIS Registrant for a domain registration, it may be possible to gain control over the Domain Registration and DNS files. For information on that feel free to review our additional documentation below: