Finding Plesk domains exceeding disk quota

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  • Applies to: Legacy DV
    • Difficulty: Medium
    • Time Needed: 20
    • Tools Required: SSH, root access


This article will show you which domains on your DV server have exceeded their quotas as defined in Plesk.


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The following guide shows how to access the Plesk database directly. It is strongly suggested that you only follow this guide if you have backed up your DV service, and have complete confidence in working with Plesk and MySQL.

  1. Login via SSH as the root user:
  2. Access MySQL as the admin user using our (mt) shortcut:

  3. Tell MySQL you want to use the Plesk Database psa:
    use psa 
  4. Provide the following MySQL Query:
    SELECT, domains.real_size, Limits.value
    FROM domains, Limits
    WHERE domains.limits_id =
    AND domains.real_size > Limits.value
    AND limit_name = 'disk_space'
    AND Limits.value != -1
  5. You should now get a table output containing a list of all of the domains within Plesk which have exceeded the mail quota.
  6. To quit MySQL simply type exit