Why Have All Your Infrastructure Eggs in One Basket?

For years, the healthcare industry has been seemingly chained to the notepads and manila folders that hold their patient’s personal medical history. As they should – barring a theft or a fire, it’s almost impossible to lose the data that fills most medical offices.

Slowly but surely, the healthcare industry, too, is putting down their pens and turning off their fax machines to embrace the digital transformation. For HealthExpense, a healthcare enterprise that allows patients to pay insurance companies online, security, not just for the patients’ medical records but also their bank information, payments, and insurance information, is both a big concern and one of their key priorities.

One of the benefits of the cloud is to offer multi-layered security, with two-factor authorization and data encryption. This made the company’s decision to no longer have their infrastructure eggs in one basket and turn to cloud computing (and, in their case, Amazon Web Services).

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