Why IT Teams Should Be Thankful for Managed Cloud Hosting

Digital agencies, financial firms, small and medium enterprises, all are migrating more applications and workloads to the cloud every day. In fact, the cloud is having such a meteoric impact that Gartner estimates as much as $216 billion will be spent on the cloud shift by 2020.

It isn’t hard to see the advantages to this approach – employees enjoy easier access to critical systems and data while business leaders benefit from lower, more predictable IT costs.

But what’s in it for the internal IT team?

Ensuring the right choice
As more and more cloud solutions become available, the number of choices can quickly become overwhelming, even for the most well-versed IT decision-maker.

This is where a partnership with a managed cloud hosting provider becomes so valuable. Executives can lean on this relationship to ensure they are making the right decisions with their IT investments which should drive ROI and eliminate missteps. Starting the cloud journey off on the right foot is important and leveraging a managed hosting partner can ensure every cloud need is addressed.

Shifting workloads means shifting responsibilities
Today’s IT professionals are the bedrock of most organizations, ensuring that all critical systems provide optimal functionality. What’s more, these responsibilities only expand as the number of devices connected to the network grows.

How do they ensure that everything hums along as it should? A managed cloud solution provides an answer to this struggle. As more and more important workloads migrate to the cloud, this responsibility shifts from the internal IT team to the managed cloud hosting provider. In short: while the company still owns everything migrated to the cloud, the managed service provider now takes care of maintenance and upkeep.

“Providers of managed service will make sure your system is configured properly for your load, keep an eye on security issues, patch your software as needed and manage backups among other tasks,” CNET contributor David Gewirtz wrote.

This liberates the internal IT team to conquer other pressing technological initiatives, such experimenting with new software or investigating a new IT strategy. The possibilities are endless.

The power of the cloud without the complexity
The cloud is a powerful asset for businesses, no matter their size or industry. This investment becomes even more impactful when coupled with a partnership with a managed services provider.

Taking advantage of the expertise of a managed service partner helps ensure that the right technology is in place and that this environment is skillfully maintained for now and the future.

Finally, IT teams can rejoice.



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