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Three benefits powering the cloud hype

Cloud computing’s roots go back to the start of the computer age, when the shared access mainframes of the 70s and 80s laid its foundation. Less than a decade later, virtual machines (VMs) and virtual private servers (VPS) created new efficiencies in sharing hardware resources. Powered by a single piece of hardware, not only was it expensive to maintain the infrastructure but any outage or malfunction also spelled disaster for sites or apps.

Full Page Background Video Styles

I bet you’ve seen it. A video background that takes up the entire browser window. There is text on top of it (hence, “background”), which is an interesting…

Hosting Essentials for E-commerce WordPress Sites

New e-commerce businesses are popping up every day, with brick-and-mortar operations rapidly joining the digital marketplace. This flurry of growth has massive economic implications: eMarketer recently reported that…

How an AWS Managed Service Provider Can Solve These 3 Business Pain Points

Amazon Web Services has held the top spot in the cloud industry for years. RightScale’s 2017 State of the Cloud report found that 57 percent of businesses have adopted AWS for their cloud needs, beating out both Azure and Google.

But AWS technology comes with its share of challenges for a company wanting to leverage it, from initial configuration to rare but damaging service outages (no human technology is flawless) and inevitable scalability needs as businesses grow. Here are a few key ways a managed service provider can alleviate these common cloud pain points.

The Many Benefits of HTTP/2

It was no small task for developers to make the web as accessible and reliable as it is today. While it took decades of work, that success was powered by the creation external software and add-ons that complement the existing framework of an application or website.

Now there is a budding new alternative to the endless caching and performance supplements. HTTP/2 — a new protocol update for HTTP by IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force). HTTP/2 is the spiritual successor to HTTP/1 and provides much needed changes in security, speed, and usability.

Eight Design Trends Taking Over 2017

2017 has started off by slowly drifting away from the stoic design trends of minimalism, monochromatic layouts, and the omnipresent flat design. Instead, there are bright colors, bold shapes, playful gradients, and unique illustrations that bring some much needed depth and dynamics to designs that have grown all too familiar.

The Different Logical Ways to Group CSS Properties

I’ll admit, I traditionally haven’t had much of an opinion about the ordering of CSS properties. I just add what I need. I think they end up largely “grouped” by related things, because that’s just how my brain spits them out.

What To Look For From an AWS Managed Service Partner

To be fully unlocked, the true potential of cloud hosting needs to be paired with the expertise of a Managed Service Provider (MSP). An MSP can, indeed, help enterprises smoothly navigate the intricacies of the cloud and make sure their cloud environment aligns with their business goals. But finding the right partner can prove more difficult than many decision-makers typically expect. Checking the following considerations off the list can speed up the search for the MSP that’s best suited to unleash all the benefits of the cloud, in particular when it comes to Amazon cloud, Web Services (AWS).

Why IT Teams Should Be Thankful for Managed Cloud Hosting

Digital agencies, financial firms, small and medium enterprises, all are migrating more applications and workloads to the cloud every day. In fact, the cloud is having such a…

Making the Cloud Work For You – Don’t Do It Alone

Enlisting the help of a managed services provider can help your organization extend its hosting capabilities and reduce the burden on its internal IT department. It can equip your organization with a deeper level of support and expertise than you may have available in-house and help you significantly reduce cloud-related costs.

Interesting Takes on Log in / Sign Up Forms

Log in forms are often just two fields: username and password. Sign up forms are often scarcely much more, perhaps asking for an email address as well and…

Six Great Responsive WordPress Themes

Ready to redesign your site? Here are six responsive WordPress themes that can give you a fresh look in 2017. Hestia – Utilizing a Material-UI kit and reminiscent…

Seven Integral WordPress Plugins

As WordPress grows with every core update, so do the wide variety of plugins that become essential to the world’s most popular CMS. Here are some of our…

The Many Uses of Rsync

Originally created in 1996, rsync (or “remote sync”) is a versatile file copying utility for unix based systems. For most admins, this is their bread and butter. Rsync…

Randomizing SVG Shapes

Say we wanted to continuously randomize the radius of a circle. We could kinda fake a random look with just CSS, but let’s go for full-on pseudo random…

Hacking WP-config

The wp-config.php file is an essential part of your WordPress site. It’s the bridge between the file system of your site and your database because… it contains your username and password. If that information is incorrect (or not present), you get the notorious white screen that displays: “Error establishing database connection”.