Eight Design Trends Taking Over 2017

Modern design trends are just as much defined by what has happened as they are by what’s about to happen. Even when the best designs become mainstream, there’s a huge opportunity to take them to the next level.

 2017 has started off by slowly drifting away from the stoic design trends of minimalism, monochromatic layouts, and the omnipresent flat design. Instead, there are bright colors, bold shapes, playful gradients, and unique illustrations that bring some much needed depth and dynamics to designs that have grown all too familiar.  

This infographic from Coastal Creative, a design agency in San Diego, shows four digital design trends from previous years alongside four emerging styles we can expect to see throughout 2017. Take it away, team!


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  • Jerz Obille

    Color purple is the trend

  • Card-based design? Bold typography? Thin icons? How many times do we have to see this same fluff?

  • smdh.

  • Wp WebHelp

    Really nice infographic and the best thing about this is that this I didnt have to read a huge blog post to know all of the trend. We have a similar kind of infographic though its on wp maintenance services. So here is the infograohic on top 10 web maintenance service for 2017 – https://www.wpwebhelp.com/top-10-wordpress-maintenance-services/

  • TrainerBra

    “But once a design is replicated too many times, it can get hard to distinguish one manifestation from the other”. I’LL SAY! Hellooooooo Russian Blue with Cantaloupe Fonts or Accents…? How many effing homepages, flyers and posters are we gonna have to endure of that before it STOPS?????

  • I agree with most of these points, and this article has also made me realise that there’s so many more that I never even knew I’d be infuriated with it, thanks.

  • Foamcoreprint.com

    Bold Typography is by far my fav. Not quit sure that Ive seen so many of the new trend predictions in 17″ being we’re wrapping it out here and all.. I agree most most info! Thanks for the share!

  • 3D is returning to digital design in a huge way – meaning big, attention-getting 3D elements.

  • Yes digital design is the trend. Thank you for sharing this information.

  • Thank you for this article. Responsive design provides companies an opportunity to increase their sales and customer engagement without significant investments.

  • Tank you for your valuable information keep sharing the valuable thoughts like this…

  • Is that design trends helps to transform business ?

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