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May 21, 2018 Web Development + Tech
Browser Extensions I Actually Use

...suite of different browsers. But the #1 feature that I use is the ability to do live testing in those different browsers right from within my browser. Imagine literally clicking...

July 26, 2017 Web Development + Tech
The Browser Statistics That Matter

...The global market share of any particular browser is irrelevant to whether you can use a feature or not. The browser statistics that matter are the browser usage statics of...

January 24, 2018 Design + Creative
Bend Any Website’s CSS To Your Will with Stylish or Stylebot

...aren’t using those skills to change fonts. But browsers are amicable. We can visit a website and the browser will download what it needs to show it, including the CSS....

August 11, 2021 Web Hosting
Must-have WooCommerce Extensions That Will Help Your Clients Sell More free to use from the WordPress repository, the real power of WooCommerce lies in its extensions. Today, we’ll look at three WooCommerce extensions that will take your clients’ stores...

April 23, 2018 Web Development + Tech
Practical Jokes in the Browser

...mysteriously. AOL Open up their browser settings and change the default search engine to something, uh, let’s just say… less practical. Cloud to Butt Browser plugins have the power to...

February 11, 2019 Web Development + Tech
Tools & Techniques for Cross Browser Testing

...test environment for you, in most cases a real machine running that real platform and real browser, and then visually pipe what is happening to you over to your browser...

March 27, 2018 Design + Creative
Browser-Based SVG Editors

...thing now. Combine ideas like this and you can imagine a full-fledged browser-based application for creating and editing SVGs. The beauty of the internet is that because you definitely can...

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