Is It Time to Re-Examine Your IT Tool Set?

Moving to the cloud comes with its own unique set of challenges. While replacing local software with like-for-like cloud replacements can be an easy experience, internal systems are a whole different ball game. Do they require private, public, or hybrid clouds? And what software is required to manage these new environments?

As the global market for public cloud services grows 18% this year (to the tune of a whopping $248 billion), more and more enterprises are finding that their old IT tools may not be up to the task of managing their new cloud environments. Unfortunately, no one tool can cover all the tasks for maximizing the cloud. For example, when a company decides to make the transition to the private cloud, at the bare minimum they have to consider provisioning, monitoring, and maintenance toolsets. For the public cloud, it gets even hairier, with countless third party applications available to maximize their use of a major cloud provider (i.e. AWS, Microsoft, and Google). As most IT teams lack the expertise to navigate these cloudy waters, it’s no surprise that more enterprises are turning to cloud managed service providers to provide them with guidance.


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