The Redesigned Account Center BETA is open

Earlier this year, our team released the redesigned, our first major site redesign in more than five years. We shifted the focus away from our servers and data centers, and toward our customers and employees — the people that make this company so special. This was the first of several phases in a larger redesign effort. As promised, phase two is a redesign of the Media Temple Account Center.

Since its debut a dozen years ago, Media Temple’s Account Center has grown from a modest control panel to a full-fledged admin portal with more than 450 individual pages. But, while its features and options have stayed up to date, its design and development framework have not. We were tempted to scrap the whole thing and start over, but two things persuaded us to limit our scope. First, there was no real need to approach the project as “all or nothing.” After all, a modern, responsive, editable framework would make any future workflow improvements much easier to implement. Second, we didn’t want to derail our customers’ productivity with a complete ground-up redesign. We know how many people rely on the Account Center as a critical tool to run their businesses. So we looked carefully at how our customers, many of whom have been with us for years, actually use the Account Center.  We decided to make these much-needed design and back-end improvements without forcing any major workflow changes on our customers.

Even so, we know that any kind of change can be challenging. And we’ve definitely made a big visual shift away from the current design aesthetic, aligning the Account Center with our clearer, simpler experience. For example, the Control Panel pages previously contained 20+ icons for individual actions. Now, instead of showing five different icons for different email tasks, we combined them into a larger Email Management section and moved it into the side rail. In place of the “comedy/tragedy mask” icon that used to symbolize email aliases, you’ll now find a text-based list of actions. We were happy to hear, during our closed beta, that this improvement was one of the things our users appreciated most.



Based on advice and feedback from our customers, we’ve simplified our Add a Contact and Add Email User pages considerably. We’ve cleaned up our Support Center and Billing pages, removed banner ads from the Overviews page, and moved the Add Service page out of the Domains drop-down and into the main navigation. All these interface and user experience tweaks probably won’t change your life, but they should make using the Account Center more pleasant.

So what’s next? First, we’ll continue to listen closely to our customers, our support agents and employees (who are all Account Center users themselves) about what’s working and what needs more work. We’ll also review feedback and user statistics to see where to start with workflow improvements. We have a long list of targets already, including the File Manager, DNS Zone Management, and plenty more. We’re also working on making it possible to log into all of your Media Temple accounts with one username and password, eliminating the need for a primary domain at login.


In the meantime, the redesigned Account Center will be active as an open beta while everyone gets used to the new look. Please log in and hit the SWITCH TO NEW AC button at the top of your Account Center to get started. Our work philosophy is all about designing and iterating out in the open, so please take a moment to use the Give Feedback link at the top of your Account Center and tell us what you think. We want to hear from you.



  • Juan

    Congratulations guys, the new UI looks absolutely stunting. I’m a designer and I love very few things, one of them is your new design language, cheers for that.

    • Thanks for the kind words Juan, we always love hearing that! ^DJ

      • Juan

        You deserved it…I’m just being fair :)

  • Thank you for your constructive feedback Jamie, we sincerely do appreciate your honestly. This is going to be forwarded along to the design team for their consideration. Thanks again! ^DJ

  • Thanks roto! Thanks also for the bug report, I’ll let the team know! ^DJ

  • Blake Eastman

    1,000 Millions times better. Thanks so much

  • Icerabbit

    This new account center is right up there with Windows 8 tablet UI pushed to the desktop and the worst use of UI space I’ve ever seen. Spreading little bits of text out over a large canvas. Requiring more interaction.

    I get it. that it is different and unfortunately it follows the “flat fad” of current minimalism bare bones no options no features uncluttered less is more web design and operating systems. Not my choice. Can’t wait till the trend reverses and we go back to a more rich environment.

    Fact remains that functionally as it stands it is a big regression. I get the separation and grouping of some functionality into a menu bar on the left, good. Despite the extra click, no big deal, the major issue is that this design only shows a handful of options on a 1920×1200 screen and one need to scroll up and downs, because the content is lost in (or spread over) an ocean of white. Two rows of features with two lines of text each and I need to scroll down to see the rest? Do I need a 4K screen to fit more than 6 options on screen?

    And would it hurt someone to use some color? Yes, the previous icons were a bit old school windows dated looking, but you know what, they stood apart and we recognized them. This little b/w outline fad and then depending text headers fails in the instant recognition department. The world is in color. We see in color.

    Switched back to old AC and can only hope there’ll be more beta rounds before this goes live.

  • It always takes courage to overhaul something that wasn’t broken. There will always be people who hate it, you just can’t please everyone.

    The UI looks cleaner now, although I have to scroll up and down more than before. Either way, I think it’s a tremendous effort by MediaTemple team to refresh the look of Account Center.

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