SXSW 2015 Is Right Around the Corner

It may be eight months away, but SXSW Interactive is right around the corner. Media Temple has been heading to Austin, TX, each March for the last 10 years to celebrate the creative and entrepreneurial communities that make working on (and for) the web great!

Besides throwing the biggest party of SXSWi each year at Stubb’s, we have our leadership team on hand to learn and hopefully give back some knowledge to the community.

We’re submitting the following talks for your consideration to the SXSW panel picking community. Please keep us in mind when voting for the Panels YOU want to attend at SXSW Interactive!

Note: You must sign up for a SXSW profile in order to vote.

Russ casual 2 (1)
Russell P. Reeder, President
The Cloud Computing Revolution – What’s Next? VOTE
As SaaS will soon be replaced by AaaS (Applications as a Service), Russell P. Reeder will address key drivers that will take the cloud computing platform to the next, more mature level, and top inhibitors such as security concerns −as wonderful and revolutionary as the cloud technology is, it’s far from being infallible. After briefly exploring the current opportunities and limitations that come with the cloud, Reeder will provide a roadmap to navigate the (near) future of cloud computing, sharing insights into how tech companies can best embrace the cloud (and what they should not do). He will also touch on the trends companies need to factor into their growth strategies as cloud computing reaches its full potential and cloud adoption accelerates.

shin_jacob_VP-of-Marketing (1)
Jacob Shin, VP of Marketing
Your company’s value proposition is clear as mud VOTE
Although it’s usually a challenge faced by early-stage companies, more often than not seasoned marketers at established companies have a hard time defining what their company actually brings to the market. Their value proposition is clear as mud – or just plain weak. How about your company? Could your mom tell what your company does better than your next 10 competitors? Could your prospective leaders? Does your company’s website clearly state your value proposition and what you offer to customers? Because you rarely get a second chance to make a first impression, and using real-life examples from tech companies that got it right, we’ll take a closer look at how to identify, develop and communicate a compelling value proposition that will make your brand stand apart – and help you optimize your digital marketing efforts.

JonSetzen 2014 (1)
Jon Setzen, Creative Director
No, I will (probably) not redesign your website VOTE
Designers are always hungry for more creative challenges, always on the lookout for the next cool project to add to their portfolio. Although “everyone needs a website”, it doesn’t mean designers need to work on every project dropped in their lap. In this presentation, Jon Setzen will explain why being selective matters and why web designers should strive to choose good people over what seems like a good project. He will also touch on how web designers can benefit from stepping outside of their online comfort zone and turn that “can you redesign my website” project into something more. Setzen will let the audience in on his personal journey as a designer constantly working on multiple projects in multiple disciplines, on and off screen, and will address why the work designers choose today will define what they’ll be working on tomorrow.

vanessa_0030 (1)
Vanessa Lorenzo, Director of Employee Experience
Good, Better, Best: Culture-Driven Tech Companies VOTE
Smart tech companies understand that engaged employees are a fundamental to business success and continued innovation. More so than in any other industry, tech companies are defined by their company culture, and successful ones are completely culture-driven: A great culture indeed generates happier, more productive and more innovative employees, thus enabling companies to stay ahead of the curve (and thrive). But what does a winning company culture look like when you are neither Google nor Apple? Vanessa Lorenzo will address the good, the better and the best of the culture of innovation model where the right balance of trust combined with accountability allows great business ideas to flourish.


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