Stay Up-and-Running with Advanced Support from Media Temple

Media Temple CloudTech provides diagnostics and self-healing

Your sites are one of the keys to the success your business. So any type of outage or disruption can result in serious losses — both with your sales and with customer confidence.  Media Temple’s advanced support by CloudTech provides diagnostics and self-healing using industry-leading Panopta remediation, so your servers are kept up-and-running.

What are diagnostics?

To isolate the cause of an incident, your CloudTech experts will automatically gather server information, such as running processes, active users, and web traffic at the time a defined threshold is exceeded. Media Temple CloudTech engineers have spent countless hours tweaking and perfecting these thresholds to ensure the most efficient monitoring experience for our customers. CloudTech engineers can quickly identify the root cause and more effectively solve your issue, to get you back into production.

What is self-healing?

Self-healing is the ability to automatically resolve incidents (outages) without human interaction. For example, if your site incurs a spike in traffic and crashes, CloudTech experts have automation in place to monitor your core processes and ensure they are always running. If one of these processes stops, self-healing operations  will automatically attempt to bring the process back to a running state.

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Visit this Community article to learn more about diagnostics, self-healing and other proactive measures Media Temple takes to ensure we get ahead of issues so you don’t have to.

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