#SMACC Twitch Episode 1 Recap!

Did you catch our first episode of Sudo Make me a Cloud on Twitch? Never fear, we asked the team of Eddie, Joseph, and Scott to give you some key take aways and tips for not just selecting which AWS certification you should get, but what you should do on test day. Take it away, guys!

When seeking an AWS certification, the first question you need to answer correctly is, “Which is the right certification is right for me?” The answer depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. Are you trying to improve skills in your current role? Or are you looking to move into a new role? Ultimately, if the answer is unclear, the best option is the Certified Solutions Architect because it covers the fundamentals of how to solve real problems using the AWS Cloud. Not only will that knowledge help you decide what kind of role is best suited for you, but all other certifications essentially build off that material.

When preparing for the test, I recommend getting a good night’s sleep and utilizing whatever stress releasing technique works the best for you (e.g., meditation, running, etc.). Once you arrive to the testing facility, be prepared to show two forms of personal identification for admission to the exam. Primary identification forms include valid and current government-issued driver’s license and passport; secondary identification forms include debit/ATM cards or a second primary ID form. The security procedures for AWS exams are very strict! Expect to not be able to bring personal items (notes, cell phones or tablets, backpacks, notebooks), food, or even drinks in the test area. You will most likely be provided with a pencil and paper. Use this to help you visualize the answer to the questions being asked.

Finally (and most importantly), don’t rush through the questions. Take a second or two to really understand what is being asked from you. There will always be more than one right answer, but they are looking for the best answer. And remember, “single AZ” is never the answer.

The primary benefit of certification is the knowledge. It allows customers help they need quickly from their customer success managers without having to involve an engineer. As I handle more AWS work myself, I can make the onboarding process faster while the engineers focus on more complex work. Having certifications also ensures my clients feel confident they’re in good hands when I assist them. But for anyone trying to develop their career (including myself), having a certification allows anyone to move their career into a technical track. Millions of people have management skills, but few have the technical chops, and that can open up your options and help differentiate myself in a competitive market.


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