Seven Great WordPress Resources

The web is filled with insights and tutorials on how to use WordPress. Here are a few essential resources for WordPress enthusiasts of all levels.

1: WPBeginner – Too afraid to ask the question “How can I build a WordPress site?” WPBeginner is a great place to start. The team behind WPBeginner has created one of the largest collections of free WordPress articles, including articles that will take the mystique away from those mythical “plugins”.

2: Speckyboy – Speckyboy’s treasure trove of fresh and useful design content has made it a beloved resource in the web design community. Their WordPress content is nothing to sneeze at either, providing a much-welcomed designers viewpoint to all things WordPress.

3: WPMU Dev Blog – If you’re poking around the web for WordPress content of any type, it’s hard to miss WPMU Dev Blog. Broken down into four major categories (free, plugins, themes, and development), the articles include anything from reviewing new themes to cleaning up your theme’s CSS.

4: ModernThemes – Crawling through the WordPress themes database can be tedious at best. Fortunately, ModernThemes is the go-to source for additional free and premium themes, great for everyone from personal bloggers to creative agencies.

5: MattReport – If you’re addicted to podcasts, the MattReport has you covered. One of the most popular WordPress podcasts around, Matt Medeiros interviews consultants, bootstrappers, and business owners that rely on WordPress on a daily basis.

6: WPTavern – Owned by WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg himself, WPTavern is different than every site on this list due to their great coverage of all things WordPress. From the development schedule of WordPress core (4.5 is coming in April) to the latest WordCamp, the impressive WordPress community is alive and well, always in a deep conversation at WPTavern.

7: Anders Norén – Speaking of that amazing WordPress community: Anders Norén is a Swedish digital designer who happens to also design some absolutely impressive (and free) WordPress themes. His clean, minimalist designs are massively popular and could provide a fresh look for that new travel blog you just started for 2016.

BONUS: – Sometimes you need more than just WordPress help., created by web developer and WordPress enthusiast Robert Mening, is one of the rare one-stop-shops for hosting advice and a whole gamut of WordPress knowledge. The WordPress tutorials are remarkably in-depth, allowing beginners to accomplish expert-level optimizations in mere minutes.


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  • Nice rundown. I’d add WP Sitecare to the list… they have some solid articles over there.

    • Thanks for the additional resource, Devin. We’ll be updating this post at some point to include all the other great recommendations! ^AR

  • If you are talking about the helping resource for wordpress blogs, then I would suggest you to include wordpress help and forum/discussion page provided by wordpress itself here. There is nothing which has not been explained there.

    • James, good point with both of those resources. I encourage anyone reading this post to look at those as well! ^AR

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